Technology CategoryTechnology Development TaskLab
Dietary InterventionsDietary Interventions for Flatulence in extreme environment conditionsDFRL
Military Food Packaging TechnologyBiodegradable Packaging materialsDFRL
Insulated cold box / container for transport of frozen military foodDFRL
Insulated, portable, light weight and modular antifreeze containers for fresh supplies transportDFRL
Liquid delivery system for Space programmesDFRL
Smart and Intelligent Packaging for Military FoodsDFRL
Military Food Processing TechnologyCharacterization of postbiotics with Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) microorganisms and development of dietary supplements using postbioticsDFRL
Cognitive Bar for performance enhancement during stressDIPAS
Cultured/ synthetic/ in-vitro/ clean or animal free meat cultivated from animal cellDFRL
Improvement in the quality attributes of frozen food in terms of drip loss and temperature abuse in cold chainDFRL
Microbial Protein an alternative to animal meatDFRL
New generation bio-preservatives for Military food applicationsDFRL
Plant-based proteins made from plant protein (soy, pea, gluten, etc.) to mimic the texture of meat productsDFRL
 Smart proteins or Meat alternativesDFRL
Military Food Quality & Safety TechnologyDecontamination methods/system for foodDFRL
Portable and rapid microbiological testing systems for quality control of foodDFRL
Test Kits for detection of antibiotic residues and growth hormones  present in military foodDFRL
Test Kits for detection of non-permissive pre-wash chemicals, synthetic colors, coatings and toxic heavy metals in fruits and vegetablesDFRL
Test Kits for detection of pesticides and fungicides in fruits, vegetable and pulsesDFRL
Test Kits for microbiological quality evaluation of frozen foodDFRL
Space Food TechnologyPackaging for Space foodsDFRL
Space foodDFRL
Space Food CutleryDFRL
Space Food HeatingDFRL
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