Medidoot - Medical Trolly

  • Medidoot medical trolley is designed to supply critical items – Food, Cloth & Medicine to the patients in the isolated wards, thereby reducing the exposure of doctors and other health staff to the infected area/ patients.
  • The design of M/s JanYu Technologies, a startup was reviewed by ASL, DRDO and product was improvised to suit the Covid-19 requirements.
  • Trolley is remotely operated by a trained person to carry medical supplies (Medicines, food & clothes) to the designated patient in a remote location.
  • Trolley has closed enclosures to prevent cross contamination of the supplies and should be able to open only by the operator remotely
  • There is a provision of two-way audio visual interaction between the patients and the medical team through the screen and microphone either on WiFi or standalone cellular network
  • Trolley has the capability to sense obstacles and stop automatically in order to take care of operational errors
  • Trolley is provided with an alarm to alert the patients when the trolley reaches the destination
  • Short circuit protection mechanism is in-built for patient safety
  • Pilot light is provided to alert the people that the device is in operation
  • A battery charge level indicator is provided in the interface console
  • The trolley can be easily sanitized (Dry/Wet) post operation without removal of any of the components
  • Hot swapping of the battery is possible for continuous operation of the trolley.medidoot
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