Technology CategoryTechnology Development TaskLab
AI/ML TechnologyArtificial Intelligence (AI)  in Materials Engineering - Accelerated Materials Development using Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME)DMRL
CompositesElectro Magnetic and stealth for broadband frequenciesR&DE(E)
Film boiling SiC coating process using Liquid Polycarbosilane (L-PCS)DMSRDE
Functionally graded prepreg materials for backing composites for BPJs and ballistic helmetsDMSRDE
High Temperature Carbo-Graphite Materials and Seals for Aero ApplicationsDMSRDE
Light weight composite bridges/structureR&DE(E)
Phase infusion techniquesR&DE(E)
PIP based C/SiC Composite TechnologyDMSRDE
Repair techniques - composites and sandwich structureR&DE(E)
SiC Fibers Technology for Ultrahigh Temperature ApplicationsDMSRDE
Techniques for Sandwich structures for blast / energy absorptionR&DE(E)
Technologies for Joints in composites (no metallic parts)R&DE(E)
Energy StorageMicroporous Carbon and Graphene Based Materials for Energy Storage DeviceDMSRDE
High Temperature MaterialsAlternative high temperature die materialDMRL
Insulation MaterialAerogel Based Insulating MaterialsDMSRDE
MetamaterialsAcoustic cloaking for underwater vehicles using metamaterialsDYSL-SM
Noise cancellation using metamaterials based acoustic superscattererDYSL-SM
MonomerStretched Acrylate for Aerospace applicationsDMSRDE
Nano Technology2D Graphene Flims for THz and OptoelectronicsSSPL
Hybrid Nanocomposites for Propulsion TechnologyDMSRDE
Nanocomposite Based Gels and FluidsDMSRDE
Nanomaterial Based Anti-Icing FabricDMSRDE
Precursor Route Ceramics for Electronics, Structural and Functional MaterialsDMSRDE
Special Engineering Fluid based on ionic liquids, nanofluids and missile fuelDMSRDE
Synthesis of Graphene oxide nanosheets, its characterization, and bulk exfoliationCFEES
Thin film coating materials applicable for flexible solar cells / sensors as a protective layersDMSRDE
Oxygen GenerationLi-based 13X Zeolite material for adsorption and for purification/ separation of gasesNMRL
Permanent MagnetsManufacturing technology for Rare Earth Permanent MagnetDMRL
Rare Earth Permanent Magnets Processing TechnologyDMRL
PolymersAuxetic PolymersDMSRDE
Elastomeric Smart PolymersDMSRDE
Functionally Graded Polymer MaterialsDMSRDE
High Performance Polymer Based Prepegs and their Composites for Structural ApplicationsDMSRDE
Self Healing Polymers and their CompositesDMSRDE
Syntactic FoamsDMSRDE
Trauma/Impact absorbing Foams for Bullet Proof Jackets (BPJs) and Ballistic HelmetsDMSRDE
Processing/ FabricationForging methodology for realizing Stage-3 Fan blisk, Stage-1 High pressure compressor disc and ringsDMRL
Large diameter feedstock material out of Ti alloysDMRL
Multi-axial isothermal forging methodology for realizing fined grained structure and superplasticityDMRL
P/M & Cold Isostatic Press (CIP) Forging TechnologyDMRL
Precision forging technology  for Aero engine bladesDMRL
Process to impart large deformation to material without altering the external geometry of the materialDMRL
Thermomechanical processing of Ni superalloy for realizing aeroengine componentsDMRL
SealingSilicone based elastomers and unfilled Polytetrafluoroethylene as sealing material to withstand the extreme cold temperaturesCVRDE
Self Healing MaterialsPolyurethane-cyanoacrylate based self healing coating  for fuel tank applicationsDYSL-SM
SiC WafersProduction of SiC wafers for GaN based High Electron Mobility Transistor DevicesSSPL
Smart MaterialsSmart materials based actuatorsDYSL-SM
Smart structures with embedded sensorsR&DE(E)
StealthAdaptive materials/ phase changing/ electromagnetic smart materialsDMSRDE
Advanced Fusion Technology for Multi Spectrum Adaptive Camouflage using 3D fabricsDMSRDE
Artificial EM Materials for Smart StealthDLJ
Electromagnetic Cloaking MaterialsDMSRDE
Frequency Selective Surface (FSS)/ Metasurfaces/ Intelligent Reflecting SurfacesDMSRDE
High Temperature Radar Absorbing Materials for Exhaust Nozzles of aircraftDLJ
Light Weight Magnetic VeilsDMSRDE
Low-frequency material solutions (L and S Bands)DLJ
Plume IR Signature Suppression TechnologyDLJ
Radar Absorbing Coatings for Radar Cross Section (RCS) reductionDLJ
Stealth Materials, Components and Technologies for Aero applicationsDMSRDE
Thermoelectric materials for infrared cloakingDYSL-SM
TextileAuxetic textiles, Biodegradable textiles & E-textilesDMSRDE
Gel Spinning Technology for the Production of Ultra High Molecular weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) FibersDMSRDE
High performance blended fabrics for  uniforms of Indian Armed ForcesDMSRDE
Lightweight Multifunctional Activated Carbon Fabric (ACF) (woven & non-woven) for Chemical Biological Radiological & Nuclear (CBRN)DMSRDE
Microporous Carbon and Graphene Based Materials for Antistatic TextilesDMSRDE
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