Technology CategoryTechnology Development TaskLab
Aero AcousticAero acoustic studies for hypersonic vehicleDRDL
AI/ML TechnologyFrequency Selective Surface (FSS) application using AIRCI
CoatingsThermal barrier coatings for high temperature applicationDRDL
Control SystemsReaction Control System for Hypersonic Glide VehicleDRDL
Hypersonic Glide VehicleMethodology for designing a wave-rider based hypersonic glide vehicle configurationDRDL
MaterialsCeramic based composites and Niobium based metallic alloys for Hypersonic cruise vehiclesDMRL
High temperature Adhesives  for Thermal Protection ApplicationDRDL
High temperature materials for Thermal Protection ApplicationDRDL
High temperature Sealants  for Thermal Protection ApplicationDRDL
Materials Technology for Long Duration Hypersonic OperationDRDL
Radome Ablative Coatings for Radio Frequency (RF) Transparent ApplicationDRDL
Ultra High Temperature Resistant Coatings for Hypersonic environmentDRDL
MDOMulti-Domain Operations for Hypersonic MissileDRDL
PropellantEndothermic fuels for high temperature applicationDRDL
RamjetLiquid fuel Ramjet propulsion systemDRDL
Solid fuel Ramjet propulsion system (online thrust variation)DRDL
RFCompact, Electronically Steered Multi-Function Radio Frequency (RF) SystemRCI
Multiradar (bistatic) signal assessment for Supersonic and Hypersonic MissilesRCI
Scramjet EngineAir Breathing Engine - Active cooled scramjet engineDRDL
Long duration Scramjet Propulsion system for hypersonic vehiclesDRDL
Thermal ManagementAdditive Manufacturing technology for Thermal Protection SystemDRDL
Air Filter  
 Air cleaning filters for Advanced Air Quality Management SystemDEBEL
Aircrew Life Support SystemIntegrated Life Support System for Aircraft crewDEBEL
Health ManagementCrew module interface Technology using communication interfaces for Physiological signal monitoringDEBEL
Physiological signal monitoring Technology using non-invasive physiological sensors and data processing electronicsDEBEL
Maritime Safety3 Men Dinghy for space missionsDEBEL
Closed loop Breathing Technology for Surface Effect ShipDEBEL
Advanced Atmospheric Diving System For Depth Up to 1000mDEBEL
Auto & Manual Inflation Technology for deployment of Inflatable in sea upon touching the waterDEBEL
Buoyancy  Technology for Surface Effect ShipDEBEL
Inflatable made of two superimposed buoyancy chambers with ArchDEBEL
Inflatables  for Surface Effect ShipDEBEL
Positive-Neutral-Negative buoyancy control on demand for Under Water Combat Mission Diving SystemDEBEL
 Radio Frequency Welded Technology for floorDEBEL
Respiratory ManagementHelmet and Mask for Aircraft crewDEBEL
Individual Underwater Breathing Apparatus for Tank CrewDEBEL
Survival KitEmergency Survival Kit for space crewDEBEL
Thermal ManagementExtreme heat stress technology for micro climate cooling systemDEBEL
Heat transfer thermal technology for micro climate cooling systemDEBEL
Vapor compression technology for micro climate cooling systemDEBEL
Wild Edible PlantsRegion-specific Field/ training handbook on Wild Edible Plants (WEPs) in manual & digital mode for Armed ForcesDRL
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