vrde technologies1. Support Vehicles for Multi Barrel Rocket Launcher - Loader cum Replenishment Vehicle (LCR) and Replenishment Vehicle (RV) are designed as Logistics Support Vehicles for Pinaka Multi Barrel Rocket System (MBRS). Currently in service with Indian Army.

Salient Features:

  • Chassis - Tatra 8x8 VVN
  • Crane of 3.5 t capacity with 5 m reach
  • Duplicated Controls
  • Transportation of Rocket Pods
  • Quick Clamping & Locking Arrangements
  • Additional foldable Platforms on sides.


vrde technologies2. Armoured Engineer Reconnaissance Vehicle (AERV) - It is designed to meet the tactical and combat requirements of Military Engineers for carrying out terrestrial and under-water surveys in hostile terrains. Provides Combat Engineering Support for offensive & defensive operations in plains, desert and riverine terrains. Currently In service with Indian Army.

Salient Features:

  • Base chassis - BMP-II, Fully Amphibious to cross water obstacles
  • Advanced Land Navigation System (ALNS)
  • Reconnaissance capability in hatch down condition
  • All instruments wall mounted for easy operation
  • Instruments are microprocessor based and modular in design
  • Data Integration Facility on control console.
  • Integration of data from recce instruments and processing
  • Picket Driving System - AERV is equipped with 160 marker rods with flags for route marking purpose
  • Advanced Land Recce Instruments, viz.- Digital Cone Penetrometer, Electronic Distomat and Theodolite, Laser Range Finder (LRF), Passive Night Observation Device(PNOD), Inclinometer
  • Water Recce Instruments, viz. Echo Sounder, Electronic Distance Meter, Handheld Water Current meter, Depth Measuring Equipment


vrde technologies3. NBC Reconnaissance Vehicle Mk-I - Designed to diagnose the presence of Nuclear, Radiological, Biological and Chemical agents in the atmosphere during NBC warfare, cordon off the contaminated areas and transmit this information to the supported formation, operating from within the confines of the NBC Protected Vehicle.

Salient Features:

  • Base Vehicle - BMP-2
  • Nuclear Recce Instruments - Roentgenometer, Portable Dosimeter, Portable Dose rate meter)
  • Meteorological Sensors
  • Remote Operated Sample Collecting Device
  • Chemical Recce Instruments ( Chemical agent monitor, Gas Chromatograph, Residual Vapour Detection kit)
  • Portable Decontamination Apparatus & NBC Suits
  • Data Acquisition System ¬†for analysis synthesis of data and transmission over communication link
  • Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS)
  • Picket Driving System for marking of contaminated areas.


vrde technologies4. Mobile Decontamination System - Enables decontamination of vehicles, equipment, personnel, clothing & terrain exposed to Nuclear, Biological and Chemical warfare agents.

Salient Features:

  • Chassis - Tatra 8x8 VVN
  • Independent Equipment for Pre-washing, Chemical Treatment, Post Washing and Personnel Decontamination.
  • Different types of nozzles provided to suit different conditions of surface to be cleaned.
  • Automatic mixing of chemicals for preparation of emulsion
  • Delivery of chemical water mixture upto 5 m width for terrain decontamination
  • Power source in-built 45 kVA input or Mains supply, 3000 liter Stainless steel water tank.
  • Single operator on the vehicle can operate and monitor all the equipment.


Flow rate

Other Parameters

Hourly rate

`A ‘Veh.

`B ‘Veh.

        1. Vehicle Decontamination


3400 / 1700

Single / Two lances



Chemical Treatment


Emulsion flow - 300 - 320 lph
Chemical feed rate - 90kg/h



Post Washing





      2. Personnel Decontamination


Detergent flow - 0 to 60 lph

30-40 Personnel

      3. Terrain Decontamination


Chemical Feed - 200 kg/h
Area Cleaned: 1000 m x 5 m


      4. Clothing Decontamination


Temperature - 140-2000C

Two NBC Suits - 2 hrs


vrde technologies5. Vehicle platforms for SARVATRA - Carried out chassis modifications on Tatra VVN & VVL to integrate Mobile assault Bridge 15 m / 20 m span

vrde technologies

Salient Features:

  • Base Chassis - Tatra Vehicle chassis frame reinforced & extended
  • Dual Control system 1st & Reverse gears) at rear
  • Dual Control System Provision
  • 5th Steerable Axle - `Sarvatra’ 20 m


vrde technologies6. Vehicle platforms and shelters for SAMYUKTA - VRDE developed number of EMI shielded Shelters mounted on Flat Platforms integrated on Tatra vehicles for "Samyukta".

Salient Features:

  • EMI Protected ISO Type Shelter
  • AC & Air Filtration Unit
  • Hydraulically Leveled Platform


vrde technologies7. Riot Control Vehicles - `Vajra’ & `Mini Vajra’ based on light commercial vehicles are suitable for law enforcement duties and transportation of security forces to the affected areas.

vrde technologies

Salient Features:

  • Accommodates 26 troops
  • Two multi tube tear gas launchers on roof
  • Storage of riot control gear and racks for rifles
  • Four flood lights
  • Intercom set and public address equipment
  • In built Power Source of 2.4 kVA
  • Firing ports for retaliation from inside the vehicle
  • Fuel tank with explosive suppression material
  • Other accessories - Fire extinguishers, Foldable stretchers, Wind direction indicator etc.


vrde technologies8. Bulletproof Vehicle - Bullet proof vehicles based on light and light commercial vehicles are suitable for deployment in counter terrorist operations and for VIP security. Custom made bullet proof vehicles have been supplied to police and paramilitary forces.

Salient Features:

  • Basic vehicle of customer choice
  • Protection against AK-47 and 7.62 SLR burst fire
  • 6 mm thick Jackal Armour Protection
  • 45 mm thick bullet proof glasses for windshield and side windows
  • Splinter Proof Protection for floor against blast of grenade equivalent to 2 kg TNT
  • Offensive retaliation through sides and rear through firing ports
  • Suspension reinforced for better stability and comfort
  • Overall vehicle performance unaffected
  • Vehicles available in two concepts
    • Add-on kittable body
    • Permanent welded body



vrde technologies9. UMV and URV for MBT ARJUN - Unit Maintenance Vehicle (UMV) & Unit Repair Vehicle (URV) have been developed to provide maintenance and repair cover to MBT ARJUN during training and operations under filed conditions.

vrde technologies

Salient Features:

  • Chassis - Tatra T-815 8x8 with Shelter Type Body (removable)
  • Maintenance / Repair - 1.5 t Hydro-pneumatic Crane for spares of MBT
  • Lubricating system with Self-winding hose reels
  • HSU Charging Unit
  • Provision of Communication System
  • Navigational Facilities like GPS
  • In built power - 10 kVA (UMV), 19 kVA (URV)
  • Facilities - Fuel Replenishment Unit, Washing Plant, Battery Charging / Gas Welding / Cutting


10. Armoured Amphibious Dozer - Provides integral engineering support to battle groups in offensive operations by reducing banks of water obstacles to facilitate construction of wet / dry assault bridges and improves mobility of mechanized formations by construction and improvement of existing tracks.

Salient Features:

  • An armoured vehicle with amphibious capability, GVW 14.8 t and Dimensions - 8215 (L) x 2900 (W) x 2010 (H), 210 mm Free board height
  • Power to Weight Ratio - 26 hp/t & 1.5 TR Capacity AC System
  • Max Speed - 56 km/h, Gradeability - 300, Trench crossing- 2.5 m, Step climbing- 0.7m
  • Aux Engine Power 100 hp @ 2200 RPM, Drive Reversal Gear Box for dozing - 0.86 km/h
  • Semi Closed Loop Hydraulic System, Dual Control System
  • Dozer Bucket & Boom - Armoured Steel, Bucket capacity - 1.9 m3
  • 8 t constant speed Hydraulic Winch with 90 m wire rope
  • Two Nos. Hydrojet Assembly at rear
vrde technologiesvrde technologiesvrde technologies


vrde technologies11. Chemical, Biological, Radiological & Nuclear (CBRN) Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) - On-line CBRN detection, Digital marking of contaminated zones, Robotic arm for sample collection

Salient Features:

  • Mini Tracked Platform (with four flippers)
  • Size (LxWxH) - 0.76 x 0.65 x 0.84 m
  • GVW - 85 kg, Max Speed 6 km/h
  • Wireless communication - 500 m NLoS, 1 km LoS
  • Vision for driving - Day & Night, Navigation - GPS/INS
  • Endurance - 2 hr, Stair climbing - 18 cm
  • Water Fording - 20 cm, Gradeability - 36 degrees
  • Ditch Crossing - 50 cm


vrde technologies12. Rotary Engine for Nishant & Panchi UAV - A 55 hp "Rotary Engine" has been designed & developed by VRDE for Un-manned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). Rotary engine integrated with indigenous UAV was flown and the engine meets all the requirements of UAV. The engine is achieved the altitude of 3.72 km against the requirement 3.6 km. This is the first kind of engine in non-gas turbine category to be allowed with Airworthiness Certificate in India by CEMILAC.

vrde technologies

Salient Features:

  • 55 hp @ 8000 rpm
  • Power to Weight ratio - 2:1
  • Min SFC - 250 gm/bhp-hr
  • Thrust 90 kg @ 8000 rpm
  • Cooling - Water cooled housing, Air cooled rotor
  • Dry weight - 28 kg


vrde technologies13. Multi-Purpose Decontamination System - Equipment developed by VRDE for decontamination of vehicles, equipment, personnel and terrain against B & C warfare agents.

Salient Features:

  • Light weight & Portable equipment (can be carried by 4-6 persons)
  • In built power-source
  • Chemical delivery system with redundant pump.
  • Diesel fired boiler and control system for delivery of hot/cold water and steam at high pressure.
  • The system can be used for decontamination of Vehicles, Equipment and Personnel.
  • The system can be carried in vehicles & helicopter


vrde technologies14. Wheeled Armoured Platform (WhAP) - Development of WhAP 8 x 8 Amphibious Wheeled Armoured Vehicle with common platform is for various intended roles like Wheeled APC, 30 mm Infantry Combat Vehicle, 105 mm Light Tank, Command Post vehicle, Ambulance, Special purpose platform, 120 mm Mortar Carrier, CBRN Vehicle.

vrde technologies

Salient Features:

  • Configuration: 8 x 8 (8 x 4 mode option)
  • Engine: Diesel Engine configurable with 3 power ratings, Max Power 600 hp @ 1800-2000 RPM, Max Torque 2508 Nm @ 1100-1600 RPM, Power to weight ratio - 22-25 hp/t
  • Transmission: Automatic transmission with retarder, Transfer Case - Two Speed, Axles - All Live axles
  • Advance Features - Power Assisted Steering, Independent Suspension with hydro strut, Brakes- Air over Hydraulic with ABS
  • Wheels & Tyres: 14 R 20 with Run Flat Inserts
  • GVW of base platform: 21.5 t (with baseline protection 7.62 AP all round), 24.2 t with BMP-2 turret
  • GVW of Variants: 19.5 to 27 t (Amphibian capability up to 24.5 t)
  • Overall Dimensions: (LxWxH) - 7.85 x 2.8 x 2.3 m (with add-on Armour 3.0 m Width)
  • Cruising Range: Min Cruising range (on road) - 500 km, Min Cross country range - 250 km
  • Speed - On road 90-100 kmph, Cross country speed 35-40 kmph
  • Obstacle Crossing Capability: Max Gradient -30 degree, Side Slope-20 degree, Vertical Step-0.6 m


vrde technologies15. High Specific Power Engines for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) - Developed Single, Twin and Four-cylinder light weight, high-specific power engines for UAV

vrde technologies

Salient Features:

  • Gelnisil / Hard chrome plated aluminum cylinders
  • Multi-piece crank shaft technology
  • Diaphragm type carburetors for all position operation
  • Suitable for aerial and ground applications
  • Single cylinder engine (RE-1-11-P), 11 hp, weighs 7.5 kg
  • Twin-cylinder engine (RE-2-21-P), 21 hp, weighs 10.5 kg
  • Four-cylinder engine (RE-4-38-P), 38 hp weighs 22 kg


16. Development of Advanced Technologies for Rotary Engine - Developed Electronic Fuel Injection, Turbo charging system and Integrated starter alternator for Rotary Engine

Salient Features:

  • Electronic Fuel Injection System (EFIS) - To increase the power output by 5% and to reduce Fuel Consumption) by 5%
  • Turbo charging System - To compensate loss of power due to high altitude up to 10000 feet.
  • Integrated Starter Alternator (ISA): For easy engine starting.
vrde technologiesvrde technologiesvrde technologies


vrde technologies17. 65 hp WANKEL ROTARY ENGINE - To Develop a 65 hp Rotary Engine for Conventional takeoff and landing NISHANT UAV.

Salient Features:

  • Power : 65 hp
  • Swept Volume : 345 cc
  • Speed : 8000 rpm
  • SFC : 250 g/hp-hr


18. Counter Mine Flail (CMF) on T-72 - [A sub-project allotted by R&D E (E), Pune] Provision of Auxiliary Power Unit (APU), Hydraulic system for flailing equipment and reduction Gear for flailing.

Salient Features:

  • Ultra-Fine Air cleaner for Desert application
  • Auxiliary gearbox to reduce tank speed from 5 to 2 kmph
  • Hydraulic system for mine flailing operation
  • Installation of compressed air system
  • Modification to Auxiliary power pack for maintenance
  • Modification & Installation of CBRN system
vrde technologiesvrde technologiesvrde technologies


vrde technologies19. Unmanned Ground Vehicle - UGVs systems, based on wheeled vehicle platforms, has been developed and demonstrated specifically for surveillance and NBC recce.

vrde technologies

Salient Features:

  • Range Remote 5 km (extendable up to 10 km)
  • Range (Trip distance) 80 km
  • Mission Duration 8 hr
  • Max. Speed 25 kmph
  • Control & Control Link - Wireless LAN
  • Navigation: GPS/GIS based
  • Surveillance payload: CCD camera, Thermal Imager, LRF
  • NBC Recce Payload - NBC recce instruments, Sample collecting device, Picket firing system to cordon off contaminated zones.
  • Armament : 7.62 MMG PKT


20. Indigenously Developed Mini UAV And Launcher (10 TO 150 kg AUW) - Unmanned aerial vehicles upto 150 kg which can carry out recce and surveillance and are useful for combat and LIC operations.

vrde technologiesvrde technologies


7 kg

18 kg

Wing Span

3 m

3 m



Empty Weight

6 kg

10 kg


1 kg

5 kg

Electric Motor

900 watt / 23 V

Engine: 2.4 hp @ 9000 rpm

Landing /Take off

Wheeled / bungee - launcher

40 m air strip or Launcher


Aircraft Cruising / Max Speed

50 km/h / 100 km/h

60 km/h / 100 km/h

Maximum Operating Range

10 km / 2 hour endurance

10 km/3hr endurance

Flight Altitude (Expected)

300 m - 600 m

1000 m


21. Technologies for Autonomous Unmanned Ground Vehicle and Testing on Automotive Platform: DeTA-UGV The main scope of this project is to develop technologies for Autonomous Unmanned Ground Vehicle (AUGV), integrate & test the same on a test platform vehicle.

Aim- Development of various subsystems for control, perception, localization, navigation, communication, actuation, payload, supervisory, failsafe system interfacing components and integration of all these technologies to realize the complete AUGV

vrde technologiesvrde technologies