Infrastructure / Facilities available

A) National Centre for Automotive Testing (NCAT) Facilities

The National Centre for Automotive testing (NCAT) of VRDE is an approved test agency for testing and evaluation of automotive vehicles and their systems & components for `Certification for Compliance’ to various National / International Standards / Regulations.

The test facilities at NCAT consists of Test tracks and Emission, Photometry, EMI / EMC laboratories & Safety labs, with necessary supporting infrastructure, to provide a one stop solution to the testing requirements of Indian Automotive Industry and Defence Forces. NCAT facilities are accredited by NABL as per ISO 17025.

Test facilities are available for -

1. Automotive performance evaluation

5. EMI / EMC Testing

2. Accelerated Endurance Testing

6. Photometry Testing

3. Vibration and Strain Measurement

7. Environmental testing

4. Emission, Engine power & SFC testing


Test Tracks - Various types of Test Tracks and facilities are available at NCAT for exhaustive Automotive Testing. These are spread on area of 450 acres. The test tracks simulate a variety of ground / road surface conditions which a vehicle normally encounters during its life time.

Automotive Performance Evaluation

High Speed Track - 4.2 km

Noise Track conforming to IS 3028

Straight track - 2 km

ABS Track conforming to IS 11852


Accelerated Endurance Testing


Belgian Pave Track

Corrugated Track - 100 mm

Pot Hole Track

Chassis Twister Track

Corrugated Track - 50 mm




Riding and Handling Evaluation

Long Wave Pitching Track

Side Slope Track

Steering Pad

Serpentine Track (4 Wheeler)



Mobility Evaluation

Vehicle Dynamic track

Gradients (7 degrees,10.2 degrees,15 degrees,25 degrees,30 degrees)

Mud Track

Cross Country Track


Crossing facility


Step Climbing Facility

Stand track


Other Facilities



Dust tunnel

Tilting platform

Draw Bar or Winch Pull Test Rig

Tracks for `A’ vehicles

Anchor Block for Draw Bar Pull

Indoor Test Laboratories


1. EMI / EMC Tech Centre

5. Photometry

2. Emission Lab

6. Instrumentation

3. Structural Dynamic Lab


4. Environmental Test Lab



1. High Speed Track : 4.2 km


2. Straight Track : 2 km


3. Noise Track Conforming to IS 3028


4. ABS Track confirming to IS 11852



1. Belgian Pave Track


2. Pot Hole Track


3. Corrugated Track : 100 mm & 50 mm


4. Chassis Twister Track



1. Long Wave Pitching Track


2. Steering Pad : 100 m diameter


3. Serpentine Track


4. Side Slope Track



1. Vehicle Dynamics Test track


2. Mud Track


3. Wading Trough


4. Gradient Track : (7 degree, 10.2 degree, 15 degree, 25 degree & 30 degree)


5. Cross Country Track


6. Trench Crossing

7. Step Climb Track



1. Shower Test


2. Dust Tunnel


3. Tilting Platform

4. Draw Bar or Winch Pull Test Rig

5. Tracks for A Vehicle



1. EMC Tech Centre - Development of state-of-the-art and first of its kind EMC test facility has been conceived to cater for all wheeled / tracked vehicle platform level testing in integrated mode. As per Ministry of Defence policy, though the subsystem level testing on all electronic gadgets are tested independently, platform level testing is essential for all systems which are inducted in to Services. The test facility caters for all wheeled / tracked vehicles up to 30 t capacities and length of 16 m. Field levels up to 200 V/m can be generated.


Salient Features:

  • Semi Anechoic Chamber : 31.6 x 18.5 x 8.3 m (LxWxH)
  • Chassis dynamometer : 10 t, 9 m dia
  • Frequency range : 9 kHz to 40 GHz
  • Field levels : 200 V/m continuous
  • Max EUT size : 16 x 6 x 6 m (LxWxH)
  • Instrumentation : Immunity 100 kHz to 3 GHz 200 V/m Emission - 9 kHz to 40 GHz


2. Emission Laboratory - The emission Lab at NCAT is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities for undertaking the following tests as per National / International standards.

Salient Features:

  • Measurement of mass emission (HC, CO, NOx and PM) of SI and CI vehicles and heavy duty CI engines.
  • Measurement of particulates from diesel engines
  • Smoke level measurement of diesel engines
  • Power & SFC measurements
  • Idling emission measurements
  • Evaporative emission determination from gasoline vehicles.

Following world class test equipment available

  • 4 wheeler chassis dynamometer
  • 2/3 wheeler chassis dynomometer
  • Dilute gasoline exhaust analyzer for 4 wheler
  • Exhaust gas analyzer for 2 / 3 wheeler
  • Raw Exhaust gas analyzer
  • CVS system and dilution tunnel
  • Particulate measurement system (PMS)
  • Portable gas analyzer
  • Sealed housing evaporative determination (SHED) chamber for deteramination of evaporative emission from gasoline vehicles


3. Environment Test Laboratory (ETL) - The environmental test lab is equipped with various sophisticated world class test facilities for simulating environmental conditions like Drive Chamber, Climatic Chamber, Thermal Shock Chamber, Dry Cold Chamber, Dry Heat Chamber, Weather-O-Meter, Ozone Chamber, Dust Tight Test Chamber and Rain Chamber.

The ETL is equipped with various sophisticated world class testing facilities for:

Environmental Conditioning

  • Drive in Test Chamber
  • Thermal Chock Chamber
  • Climate Chamber
  • Dry Cold Chamber
  • Dry heat Chamber
  • Ozone Chamber
  • Dust Tight Test Chamber
  • Salt Spray Corrosion Test Chamber
  • Weather-O-meter
  • Rain Chamber

Automotive Components Testing

  • Interior Fitting
  • Lighting and Light-signaling Devices
  • Occupant Survival Space
  • Bumper & Fuel Tank
  • Drop test Rig for Safety Glass
  • Speed Limiting Device
  • Wind Tunnel for Advance Warning Triangle
  • Flammability
  • Adherence of Coating


4. Photometry Laboratory - Photometry Lab is equipped with the most modern test facilities capable of assessing Photometry, Colorimetric and Visibility parameters viz. luminance, illuminance, Optical distortion etc. All types of automotive lamps, signaling devices and reflex reflectors can be evaluated for certification as well as research and development purposes.

The test equipment available are :

  • Photometric chamber
  • Gonio photometer
  • Integrating sphere
  • Colorimeter
  • Luminance meter
  • Illuminance meter
  • Retro Reflector test system
  • Lamp dimension measurement system
  • Optical distortion test system
  • Luminance and colour measurement system - warning triangle
  • Haze measurement system
  • 12. Reflectance / transmittance measurement system


5. Instrumentation Laboratory - NCAT maintains a well-equipped Instrumentation Laboratory for measurement of on-road performance of vehicles as per the legislative requirements and custom specified tests. The major test instruments / facilities are as under.

  • Non-contact optical speed & distance measurement systems EEP-2, EEP-3 and micro EEP-10
  • Non-contact optical speed and distance measurement system for two wheeler DAS-30
  • Pass-by noise measurement system
  • Steering torque / angle measurement system
  • Ride Comfort measurement equipment
  • Fuel flow meters (Positive displacement type)
  • High speed multi-channel data acquisition systems
  • Draw bar pull measuring equipment
  • Eight channel thermal array recorder
  • Vibration & Strain measurement system
  • ABS evaluation system



1. CAD and CAE Facilities

Salient Features:

  • Design, FEM and machining software
  • Office automation and Project Management Software


2. Manufacturing FacilitiesModern, well equipped and adequately staffed facility, capable of all types of manufacturing processes, heat treatment, material testing, fabrication, prototyping and limited quantity production with quality assurance

  • Foundry Shop Consisting of melting crucible, induction furnaces, hydrogen degassing unit and allied machines to produce steel castings up to 150 kg and non-ferrous castings up to 30 kg.
  • Heat Treatment Shop Consisting of furnace for annealing, hardening, pack carburizing, normalizing and tempering.
  • Machine shop - Equipped with all types of lathes and modern CNC machines, EDM, Hydraulic Press to enable machining & assembly of components. 
  • Fabrication Shop equipped with variety of blending, cutting, shearing and welding machines.
  • Material Testing Lab - with variety of equipment and state-of-the art electronic spectrometer to enable chemical analysis of inner flaws and mechanical and non-destructive testing of components and material.
  • A Rapid Prototyping Machine - Consisting of melting crucible, induction furnaces, hydrogen degassing unit and allied machines to produce steel castings up to 150 kg and non-ferrous castings up to 30 kg.
  • CNC Lathe Machine - New CNC lathe machine for achieving higher accuracies and speedier executions of jobs have been procured and commissioned



3. Vehicular Electrical & Electronics Labs

  1. Auto Electrical Lab for development, assembly and testing of auto-electric systems for project vehicles. House Universal Test Bench, Starter Test Ring, Active Loads, Power Supplies, Charging Equipment, Diagnostic Tools etc.
  2. Computer Centre for building up computer facilities, their maintenance and imparting training on computer applications to Scientific staff and comply to Cyber Security Guidelines
  3. Multimedia Lab consisting of HD video recording & non-linear video editing recording and multimedia projection systems.
  4. Well-equipped lab having adequate infrastructural facilities and specialized manpower in the following areas.
    • Auto Electrical System
    • Automotive Electronics
    • Computers and Communication
    • Software Development
    • Multimedia Lab