Details of the Business Transacted by the Organisation

    1. Research, design and development work in respect of specialist wheeled vehicles, light tracked vehicles and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) based on requirements projected by the services in association with the prospective users, industry, production agencies, quality assurance agencies.
    2. Execution of limited series production orders through the nominated production agencies.
    3. Development of ground support vehicles and vehicle platforms for missile systems and other weapon systems under development
    4. Developed bullet proof vehicles and riot control vehicles for various state police organisations and paramilitary forces.
    5. Performance testing of military vehicles for introduction into service and developmental testing of project vehicles.
    6. Provide services and testing facilities at NCAT for developmental testing of commercial vehicles and systems and certification on behalf of Govt. of India.
    7. Transfer of technologies developed, to production agencies including civil sector for productionisation.
    8. Providing technical advice to the Armed Forces in formulation of qualitative requirements, equipment policies.
    9. Technical advice in formulation of National Automotive Standards.
    10. Provide spin-offs related to technologies developed by VRDE.
    11. Interaction with academia for basic research in areas relevant to the projects of the laboratory.
    12. Activities assigned to and accepted by the lab through understanding or arrangements with any other Ministry, Department and Agency of Government of India whose activities have a bearing on the scientific and technological aspect of National Security.