Facilities Available

1.Crystal Growth Facility

  Czochralski Ge Puller, II-VI  Materials ( Bridgeman Growth), GaAs Crystal & Substrates

2.Epitaxial Growth Facility

  III-N  & III-As MOVPE; LPE Growth Facility;   II-VI, III-N, III-As, & III-Sb MBE

3.Central Characterization Facility

  HRXRD,  XPS, SIMS, FESEM, SPM with AFM, STM, etc., RAMAN & µ-PL System, FTIR & UV-VIS-NIR Spectrophotometers, 1.2 K & 8 Tesla Hall Measurement System

4.Nano-Fabrication Facility

  LPCVD Growth of CNT & Graphene, , FIB,  ALD,  and Dip Pen Nanolithographer

5.Semiconductor Processing Facility

  Class 100 Clean Room Area, Electron Beam Writing Tool, Laser Pattern Generator, Mask Aligner, Reactive Ion Etching, Cr Etch Wet Station, Plasma Asher, SRDE, Developer Wet Station

6.Test & Measurement Facility

  FPA Tester, Low Temperature (77 K) Four Probe Electrical Testing Cryostation,   Manual Load Pull Measurement Setup, RF Measurement Setup