Areas of Work

  •    Operational Avalanche Prediction
  •    Design of Strategic Avalanche Control Structures
  •    Avalanche Dynamics Study
  •    Computational Snow Material Science
  •    Snow Cover Information System and Mountain Hazard Mapping using Remote Sensing
  •    Instrumentation & Sensors for Snow Avalanche Research
  •    Snow Geo-Intelligence using Unmanned Air borne Systems
  •    Snow Climate Research and Mountain Meteorology
  •    Mountain Weather Forecast
  •    Climate Change
  •    Study of Snow Climate and its effect on Mobility of Troops
  •    Research on Glacier Dynamics to study Crevasse Formation and Glacier Related Hazards
  •    Slope Stabilization & Afforestation
  •    Advise to users on Road Alignments and Avalanche Control Measures, and Safe camping sites
  •    Training on Avalanche Safety and Rescue
  •    Artificial Triggering of Avalanches
  •    Snow Harvesting
  •    Cold Region Data Bank

Statistics Based Avalanche Prediction Model

Satellite Data base Avalanche Hazard Data Card

Weather Forecast for Different Meteorological Stations in Himalaya

Snow Structure Study

Snow Chute for Avalanche Dynamics Study

Data Observation for Cold Region Data Bank using Automatic Weather Station