About Lab

Scientific Analysis Group (SAG) is one of the premier agencies in the country working in the area of Cryptology, Information Security and Cyber Security. The main charter of SAG is development of tools and techniques for IT and Communication System.

History of the Lab

  • Established in 1963 it functioned as a Directorate of R&D HQRs till 1970 under the direct control of CC R&D.
  • Mathematics oriented lab till 1975.
  • Charter expanded in 1981 to include Communication product analysis.
  • Customer base includes services as well as GoI agencies.

Core Competencies of the Lab:

SAG has scientists working mainly in three streams-Mathematics, Electronics & Communications and Computer Science. It has developed competence in the following areas:

  • Algebra - Boolean Algebra, Finite Fields and Binary Sequences
  • Pattern Recognition, Clustering and Soft Computing/li>
  • Signal Processing
  • High Performance Computing
  • Information Security

The core application areas are:

  • Designing and Analysis of Encryption Schemes and Hash functions
  • Communication Protocols and Signal Analysis
  • Network and Cyber Security
  • Malware Analysis