Interaction with Other Labs

Academic institutions are associated with design reviews of projects and for work in specific areas of technology. The interaction carried out with various institutions is given below  

Indian Institute of technology, Mumbai 

  • Analysis of Sarvatra foundation system
  • Analytical studies of Bottom Resting Unit ground penetration
  • Slow strain rate test for parent and welded coupons of super Duplex stainless steel under marine environment.
  • Behaviour of Composites subjected to ballistic impact

Indian Institute of technology, Chennai

  • Stability analysis of Sarvatra bridging system in multi span configuration.
  • Development of in-situ test device for assessing soil bearing capacity of flowing river / canal bed.
  • Ultrasonic modelling and simulation for lamb wave based damage detection.
  • Process monitoring using ultrasonic methods.
SPIC Foundation, Chennai 
  • Fuel Cell technology

Indian Institute of technology, Kharagpur 

  • Shock & Vibration Studies
  • Design and Development of Liquid Spring Based Shock Absorption System

 Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore 

  • Dynamic Analysis of Structures and Mechanisms
National Aerospace Laboratories, Bangalore 
  • Fiber optic strain sensor based structural health monitoring

Indian Institute of technology, Roorkee 

  • Soil investigation of Ganga canal bed for Sarvatra bridging system.

technology Information Forecasting & Assessment Council DST, Delhi 

  • Development of Advanced Composite railway Sleepers.

 Pune University 

  • Prestressing of Aluminium& steel Emergency Bridges and Development of Silica & Carbon Aerogel as Hydrogen storage material
SERC, Chennai 
  • Development of Technulogies for SIFCON based shelters.
  • Experimental Stress Analysis

Govt. Cullege of Engineering, Aurangabad Pune

  • The Analytical Study and algorithm development for detecting buried object in sand using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Data
PDPM Indian Institute of Information technology, Design and Manufacturing, Jabalpur
  • Theoretical Formulation and Analytical Modeling for Buckling Analysis of Hydraulic Cylinders