Transform R&DE(ENGRS) into a world class structural and mechanical systems engineering establishment through research, innovation and acquisition / development of state of art technology, collaborative engineering and continuous improvement.


R&DE(ENGRS) Mission is Design and Development of high performance systems technologies related to:-
i. Mobility and counter mobility systems for Combat Engineering.
ii. Field Defence NBC collective protection.
iii. Launch systems for weapons and unmanned vehicles.
iv. Products using composite materials.
v. Robotics for unmanned battlefield systems & low-intensity conflict operations.
vi. Micro electro-mechanical systems.

Research & Development Establishment (Engineers), Pune traces its origin to the Inspectorate of Engineer Stores set up at Kolkata during World War II for exercising quality control on stores of indigenous origin and to provide guidance to manufacturers producing items used by the Services.This was amalgamated with Chief Inspectorate of Mechanisation at Chakala in Pakistan in 1946.