About Lab

Proof & Experimental Establishment is situated on the coast of Bay of Bengal at Chandipur, in Odisha, at a distance of 15 km from Balasore city. This is the oldest establishment of DRDO. It was established by a Government Order of 30thMay 1895. The first round fired on 02ndMar 1894 was a 12 Pdr Shrapnel Shell with the purpose of assessing suitability of this area for setting up of a full-fledged Proof Range. Since then, it has had a panoramic growth, especially after it was brought under the aegis of DRDO in the year 1958. Today, it has reached a stage to be able to compete in the international armament arena and even offering range facilities to friendly foreign countries. PXE is an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization.

The acquired range is 19.5 km in length and approx. 3 km in width. However, the range can be extended up to approx. 50 km in length southwards, along the coast of Bay of Bengal, from Chandipur and 50 km into the sea by notification. Some of the peculiar/special features of this Range, which are not available in similar ranges elsewhere in the world, are:

  • The crescent shaped sea coast facilitates firing at different bearings into the sea without endangering coastal inhabitation, neighboring life and property.
  • Uninterrupted firings can continue simultaneously from all the firing points as the lines of fire and trajectory do not crisscross and also do not hinder any major national/international air or sea traffic.
  • The tidal water recedes to a distance of about 3 km into the sea, which facilitates various range operations before and after the firings.
  • Meteorological conditions facilitate dynamic test & evaluation operations throughout the year.
  • Each high tide fills up all the craters formed in the seabed (caused due to landing of projectiles) and levels the seabed before next firing.
  • The seabed and water provide soft cushioning effect to the landing fired projectiles and make intact recovery easy which is essential for examination of the strength of design.
  • During low tide the seabed becomes sufficiently hard, which permits movement of loaded vehicles and even tanks, for various range operations.