International Conference

  • ICONS (International Conference on Sonar-Sensors and Systems), Organized by NPOL, 11th -13th , December 2002
  • International Conference on Sonar Systems & Sensors (ICONS-2018) organized by NPOL from 22nd to 24th February 2018

National Symposium/Seminars

  • Symposium on Transducer Technology, Organized by NPOL in collaboration with ADE, Bangalore and DRDL, Hyderabad 16-17 May 1975
  • Seminar on Signal Processing, Organized by NPOL during the Silver Jubilee year of DRDO 24-25 November 1983
  • Symposium on short-term variability of physical oceanographic features in the Indian waters., NPOL, 1987
  • Symposium of Applied Oceanography, 23-24 February 1978, NPOL, Cochin
  • Symposium on Signals, Systems & Sonars, Organized by NPOL , 9-11, March 1988
  • National Conference on Software for Real-time Systems, Jointly organized by NPOL and Dept. of Computer Science, CUSAT 17-18, January 1996
  • Workshop on "ASW Oceanography, Non-Acoustic Methods and remote sensing of oceans" held at NPOL, 1997
  • National Conference on Current Trends in Ocean Prediction with Special Reference to India Seas, Organized by NPOL , 22-23 December 1998
  • NRB National Seminar on Recent Trends in Practice and Theory of Information Technology, 10-11 January 2005 at NPOL, Kochi
  • National workshop on oceanographic features of the Indian coastal waters; Organized by NPOL 6-7 Oct 2005
  • National Symposium on Towed Array Sonar Systems: Engineering & Technology, 03-04 October 2008
  • National Seminar Advances in Sonar Concepts, Engineering and Technologies (ASCENT-I) organized on 12-12-12.
  • A colloquium on 'Advances in Sonar Concepts, Engineering and Technologies' ( ASCENT-II), was organized at NPOL during 27-28 February 2013.
  • National symposium on "Coastal Oceanographic Studies: Modeling and observations" (COSMOS) was organized by NPOL, Kochi during 09-10 May 2013
  • National Workshop on Embedded Systems for Defence Applications (WESDA) was organized by NPOL 0n 30-31 January 2015