Test Facilities for Characterisation

X-Ray Diffractometer (XRD)



  • Polycrystalline Diffraction
  • Non-Ambient phase Analysis (High temperature up to 16000C and Low temperature up to  –1900C )
  • Thin Film XRD (GIXRD)
  • X-Ray Reflectivity
  • Small Angle Scattering
  • Micro Diffraction (By CCD Camera) Texture and Residual Stress Analysis

Optical Emission Spectrometer


  • Determination of chemical composition of  metallic materials, impurity elements  in pure metals, toxic elements in water samples, and organic samples like petroleum based products, lubricating oils etc. for metallic contents (elements which cannot be analyzed   – C,N, H,O, halogens) 

Instron Electromechanical 250 kN  Universal Testing machine


  • Tensile Test, Compression Test and Three  Point Bend as per ASTM Standard                                                                             

Impact Testing Machine


  • For Toughness testing of metallic materials
  • For Ductile Brittle Transition Temperature

Three Frame Electromechanical Corrosion Fatigue (CF) /Stress Corrosion (SCC) / Slow Strain Rate Test (SSRT) System


  • Corrosion Fatigue / Stress Corrosion (KISCC ) / Slow Strain Rate / Rippled Strain Rate Experimentation

Automatic Viscometer




  • Viscosity measurement of polymers

Contact Angle Meter



  • For measurement of contact angle

Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer (DMA) 



  • Dynamic mechanical properties of polymers

Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR)




  • Chemical & Structural analysis


Fluorescence Spectrometer



  • Fluorescence measurement


 Heat  Distortion Temperature (HDT)



  • Measurement of heat distortion temperature of plastics


Rotational Rheometer



  • Rheology of polymers

Moving Die Rheometer (MDR)



  • Curing characteristics of rubber


Pulse Multichannel Analyzer


  • Sound absorption properties of rubber


Thermo Gravimetric Analyzer(TGA)


  • Thermal stability and composition of polymers


Twin Bore Capillary Rheometer



  • Rheology and processing of polymers

Field Emission Gun-Scanning Electron Microscope(FEG-SEM)


  • Advanced coating thickness and structure uniformity determination
  • Small contamination feature geometry and elemental composition measurement


Universal Testing Machine



  • Mechanical properties of polymers




  • Corrosion evaluation of various  metals/ material  systems used for Indian Naval platforms 
Particle size analyzer



  • Measuring particle size distribution


Holiday detector



  • To detect pinholes in coating

Impendence Analyser


  • Physical Electrochemistry
  •   Corrosion Measurements
  •   Coatings Evaluation
  •   Fast Cyclic Voltammeter
  •   Electrochemical Noise


Alloyed Tensile Testing machine


  • Determination of Tensile Strength, Fracture Toughness, Elastic Modulus, Compression Strength.

Surface Tensiometer



  • Tensiometer  for  measurement of and interfacial tension


Abrasion Tester for non-skid paint



  • To evaluate abrasion resistance

Scratch resistance Tester



  • To evaluate resistance to scratch of coating at various loads



  • Standard Practice for UV-Condensation Exposures of Paint and Related Coatings

Scanning Probe Microscope  



  • Imaging of Surface Topography

Impedance Analyzer  



  • Impedance measurement for frequency range of 40 Hz - 10 MHz


D33 meter 


  • Piezoelectric Charge Coefficient, Hydrostatic Charge & Voltage Coefficient


Nano Particle Size Analyzer



  • Measurement of Particle Size


X-RAY Fluorescence Spectrometer




  • Elemental analysis of Mn, Ni, La, Pb, Fe, Ti, Y, Zr, Nb

Elastic Properties Analyser




  • To measure elastic properties of materials

High Temperature-Vacuum / Inert Atmosphere Furnace




  • Heat Treatment of Materials up to 2100°C  (Intermittent) up to 1800°C (Continuous)

Zeta Potential Analyser



  • To measure Zeta Potential of suspensions

Unit Cell (Fuel Cell) Test Facility In-House Fabricated facility


  • To evaluate the performance & stability in terms of functional & mechanical properties of various electrodes, catalyst, matrix holder, polymer electrolyte membrane etc


Electronica Mechatronic System



  • To measure the thickness of materials

Mercury Porosity meter


  • Used for measuring porosity of rigid material. The instrument also provides the information about pore size distribution of material. The measuring range of pore size distribution of machine is 10 nm to 100 µm

Surface Area Analyzer



  • Used for measuring the surface area of material (Powder form or solid form) on the basis of BET theory of multilayer physisorption.

Rotating Ring Disk Electrode with bipotentiostat



  • To study the kinetics & catalytic activity under hydrodynamic condition. To identify the intermediate species in oxygen reduction reaction etc.  

High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography



  • For separation of components /compounds in a mixture by distribution between two phases ie. stationary phase and mobile phase.




  • Electrochemical characterization