Computer-Aided Design Center

The Centre has a well equipped CAD Centre for carrying out design and simulation of different types of microwave tubes:

  • Small- and large-signal analysis of Beam-Wave interaction in Helix TWTs
  • Large-signal analysis of Beam-Wave interaction in Coupled-Cavity TWTs
  • Small- and large-signal analysis of Beam-Wave Interaction in Gyro TWTs
  • Electron Optics Codes: PIERCE and EGUN
  • Thermal and Structural Analysis Code: ANSYS
  • Electromagnetic Codes: MAGIC, CST Particle Studio and HFSS
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics Codes: Flotherm and FloEFD
  • General purpose software: MATLAB
  • Circuit simulation: ORCAD
  • Engineering drawing and modeling: Solidworks and AutoCAD
  • Reliability studies: PTC Windchill

Square Helix SWS
MILO : PIC Simulation

Precision Machining Facilities

A well equipped Precision Machining Division with skilled personnel caters to the highly demanding requirements of the Centre. The facilities include:

  • High precision conventional machines and sophisticated CNC machines for precision turning and milling operations, concentric/eccentric PCD holes drilling, radial/axial slot milling and concave/convex contour machining.
  • CAM software ‘CAM Works 2012’ has been integrated with a CNC Lathe and a CNC Milling machine for machining complex shaped parts with enhanced accuracy.
  • Special purpose machines such as Wire EDM, center-less grinder, honing machine, ceramic dicing machine and laser interferometer controlled helix winding and pitch checking machines. 
  • Excellent metrology facilities with floor standing precision profile projectors with 500 mm screen diameter, video microscopes, low force comparator, boroscope, surface roughness tester, air-gauge help in quality assurance of components.
  • Pulse TIG Welder for vacuum grade welding
  • Non Destructive Test equipments like portable ultrasonic flaw detector, eddy current flaw detector, boroscope.
  • 3D printing machine capable of printing prototype parts using ABS (plastic) parts, used for making plastic parts, and models of fixtures and EPC cards, mock-up parts and assemblies of vacuum devices etc.
  • Multi-sensor (vision, touch probe, laser) measuring unit with automatic/manual measurement option with high accuracy and repeatability.
Non-Destructive Testing Laboratory
Ultrasonic Flaw Detector
Eddy Current Tester

Floor Standing vertical profile projector
Multi-sensor measuring unit



5-Axis Milling Machine


Vacuum Processing

A variety of UHV Processing Stations and vacuum equipments are available for baking up to 600 0 C and vacuum processing of different types of microwave tubes to achieve sealed-off vacuum of the order of 5x10-9 Torr, vacuum leak detection, residual gas analyzer, demountable chambers for cathode and electron gun testing have been setup in the laboratory.


Thin Film Facilities:

    • Vacuum Evaporation
    • Electron-Beam Evaporation
    • RF/DC Sputtering
    • X-ray Fluorescence for coating thickness measurement
    • Table-top Scanning Electron Microscope
    • Scanning Electron Microscope with EDAX (Energy dispersive x-ray) Cathode luminescence detector and back scattered electron detector to study surface topography and structure of the electron emitters with resolution better than 3.5 nm and magnification up to 1000000X.
    • Auger electron spectroscopy (AES) for studying the surfaces, thin-films and interface compositions. It provides information about the chemical composition of the outermost material comprising a solid surface or interface. This system has surface sensitivity (0.5 to 10 nm), good lateral surface resolution (10 nm), periodic table coverage (except hydrogen and helium) and reasonable sensitivity (1000 ppm) for most elements.

    Heat Treatment & Brazing Facilities

    • High Temperature Vacuum and Hydrogen Furnaces
    • RF Induction Heater
    • Special Metal Joining Facilities, like, TIG- and Spot-weldings.
    • Laser Welding System is capable of carrying out spot welding and seam welding of similar and dissimilar metal joints. The welding can be done in an inert atmosphere placing the job in a programmable XYZ table. The Nd-YAG laser source can deliver a peak power of 5kW and an average power of 300W with beam spots varying from 0.05mm to 0.200mm and can be delivered through optical fibre. This system can carry out vaccum tight seam welding joints with a leak rate better than 10-8 Torr.
    • Hot Stuffing Furnace capable of stuffing helix- APBN rod bundle assembly into the barrel assembly. This system can operate upto 750oC in NH (mixed Gas) atmosphere.

    Power Electronics Laboratory

    Excellent facilities have been established for design and realisation of compact electronic power conditioners, which include ECAD workstations, Rapid PCB prototyping machine, Precision soldering / de-soldering station, PCB inspection, frequency responses analyser, high frequency digital storage scopes, recording scopes, automatic test equipment, table top cold/hot jet and infrared imaging camera.

    HV Test Laboratory:

    A variety of universal power supplies and high-voltage insulation testers are available for testing of green tubes.




    Environmental Testing Facility

    • 600 Kgf Vibration Shaker with slip table
    • Table Top Vibration Shaker
    • Combined Altitude, Temperature and Humidity (CATH) Chamber
    • Rapid thermal cycling station
    • Thermo-Vac Chamber
    • Salt-spray Chamber
    • EMI Test  setup

Technical Information Centre:

MTRDC has a fully automated Technical Information Centre (TIC) with a splendid collection of books, journals, bound volumes, technical reports, project reports, product catalogues and CD ROMs.