To create a center of excellence in Radar and Electronics Technologies by developing and delivering world class systems to meet the customer requirements.


  • To design and develop Radar systems meeting the current and futuristic requirements of Services, keeping in view the emerging threat and EW scenario
  • To contribute towards the establishment of indigenous production of our designs through public and private sector and commitment to work towards introduction of the systems into Services
  • To promote research and competence building activities in the field of Radar within the laboratory and in academic institutions and continuously evolve as the center of excellence in Radar Technology

ISO 9001:2008 Certification

LRDE received ISO 9001:2001 certification on 01 Mar 2006. The certificate was renewed as per the revised ISO 9001: 2008 standard wef 01 Mar 2012. LRDE is the first Lab in DRDO to receive the certificate under the revised standard.

Quality Policy

LRDE is committed to the indigenous development of modern radar systems through an effective Quality Management System.

Quality Objectives

  • Develop modern radar systems to meet user requirements
  • Enhance capabilities in technologies and Systems Engineering
  • Implement Quality Management System and enhance quality through continual improvement

Charter of Duties

  • Develop Radar Systems for Indian Army, Navy, Air Force and other paramilitary organizations
  • Development of Radar Technologies to develop state-of-the-art radars
  • Develop Core Competence in contemporary and futuristic radar technologies
  • Expert advice and consultancy to Services and Allied Forces towards collaborative development of radar systems

Core Competencies

Today, LRDE is the premier Radar Systems laboratory with Core Competence and established expertise

  • To build advanced Radar Systems
  • Ground based : Short to long-range radar, Ship borne, Air borne Platforms and Tracking and Weapon Control.
  • Radar System Engineering
  • Develop critical radar technologies like TR Modules, Antenna arrays, Transmitters, Digital Receivers, DDS programmable signal and data processors
  • Design and Development of major sub-systems - Mechanical and Electronic Scanning Antennas, High Performance Exciters and Receivers, High Power Transmitters, Digital Signal & Data Processors, Consoles, Mechanical Engineering
  • System Integration and Evaluation
  • Radar System Integration with other entities
  • Environmental Engineering including EMI/EMC
  • Enabling ‘Make in India’ through
  • Vendor development for radar Subsystem realization
  • TOT & Post Production support