Facilities Available

In sync with modern Project Management practices, LRDE has developed matching and modern design, manufacturing, assembly, integration, and test & evaluation infrastructure to offer reliable equipment and systems to the Armed Forces. LRDE has developed wide range of test facilities and test ranges spread over large geographical area to meet the growing requirement of radars in the country.

The following are the Infrastructure/Test Facilities available at LRDE :

  • Antenna Test Facilities
    • Active Array Antenna Measurement Diagnostic Test Center (A3MDTC)
    • Spherical Near Field Measurement (SNFM)
    • Automated Planar Near field Measurement (APNFM)
    • Antenna Test Site (ATS)
    • Near Field Test Range (NFTR)
  • Climatic Test Facilities
  • Dynamic Test Facilities
  • Calibration & Measurement Centre (CAMEC)
  • EMI/EMC and EMP Test Facilities
  • Automated Test Equipment
  • Mechanical Engineering Facilities
  • Printed Circuit Board facilities
  • Radar Assembly & Integration facilities
  • Radar Test Platform
  • Radar Operational & Testing Sites