Citizen Charter


  • Design and Development of Systems


Multifunction phased array radar and 3D Surveillance Radar for Missile Weapon System, low level 2D Radars for Fire Control and Air Defence, Short Range Battle Field Surveillance Radar, Weapon Locating Radar, Doppler Range Instrumentation Radar, Long Range Active Array Radars for Air Defence, AVD.

Air Force
Low level 2D / 3D Medium Range Surveillance Radar for Air Defence and Ground Controlled interception, 3D Radar for ATC application, Multimode Fire Control Radars for Fighter Aircrafts, Airborne Early Warning & Control System
Maritime Patrol Radar for fixed and rotary wing aircraft platforms, maritime patrol radar with SAR & ISAR, 3D Medium Range Surveillance Radar for Corvettes/frigates, multifunction phased array radar for Air Defence Ship.

Radar Technologies

    • Slotted Waveguide Antenna in S, X and Ku Band
    • Patch Array Antenna in X-Band
    • Multibeam Antenna
    • Active Array Antenna
    • T/R Modules in L-Band for Active Aperture Arrays
    • MMICs for T/R modules
    • 2D /3D Radar Data Processors
    • Radar Networking and Multi Sensor Data Fusion
    • LCA Avionics
    • High Average Power Transmitters
    • High Spectral Purity Sources
    • Wide Dynamic Range Receivers
    • VLSI / DSP based Signal Processors for Ground based, Shipborne and Airborne Radars

Clients / Customers
LRDE is developing radars for the three Services. To fulfil the mandate, LRDE is closely working with other DRDO labs, Service HQrs, User Units, Ordnance factories, Public / Private Sector, Science and Technology Centres, Foreign firms and Academic institutions as collaborators and partners.

Business Transacted

  • Conceptualisation, planning and execution of radar development programmes relevant to present and futuristic strategic and tactical sensor requirements of the three Services for all types of operation.
  • Development of technology relevant to sensors, and associated systems, sub-systems and components.
  • Buildup expertise in radar system engineering towards providing complete radar solutions in integrated weapon systems.
  • Conceptualisation, planning, installation and management of radar development support infrastructure in the field of antenna measurement, antenna characterisation, environmental and EMI/EMC evaluation.
  • Design and development of radar subsystems and avionics systems for modern fighter aircraft
  • Render advice and consultation on suitability of imported systems and technology to the three Services.
  • Assistance in evaluation and problem solving in radar systems developed by DRDO, PSUs and Government agencies.
  • Adopt LRDE developed technologies to civilian use.
  • Train men and officers of the three Services in sensor systems usage and maintenance.
  • Provide financial and material assistance to academic, Science & Technology institutions and Corporate bodies for undertaking research.
  • Participate in various exhibitions, seminars and conference to promote and propagate advancements and work done at LRDE for public and in particular to scientific and technical community.
  • Conduct specialised training courses in the field relevant to sensor, software and electronic fields for scientists and staff of our organisation and other DRDO Laboratories.
  • 2 to 6 months on the job training for engineering graduate and post graduate students with the objective to render professional training for young engineers and inculcate the spirit of self sufficiency in science and technology.
  • Financial and material assistance for research fellows.
  • Human Resource Management in the organisation.


      • Antenna measurement and characterisation
      • EMI/EMC and Environment evaluation of systems / sub-systems
      • Availability of the above evaluation / measurement facilities to Public / Private Sector Undertaking

      Grievance Redressal Committee

      Name of the Officer



      Dr Anil Kumar Singh, Sc ‘H’
      Staff Grievance Officer

      080 – 25025775

      080 - 25242916

      Shri VR Ganesan, ALWC

      080 – 25025403

      080 – 25242916

      Smt A Rajeswari, AO
      Member Secretary

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