Areas of Work

  • Phased Array Radar technology for simultaneous surveillance and tracking
  • Realisation of Multifunction Radar technologies for system design, system engineering detection, acquisition, tracking and multi-target engagement functions including missile tracking and guidance under computer controlled environment
  • 3-Dimensional Medium Range Surveillance Radar
  • Man Potable Light Weight Battery Powered Battle Field Surveillance Radar
  • Air-borne Maritime Patrol Radar
  • T/R Modules for L-Band Active Aperture Array Antenna
  • Radar Data Processing, Multisensor data fusion and tracking algorithms for use in heterogenous sensor environment
  • Digital Pulse compression technology with code agility functions
  • DSPs & VLSI based High Speed programmable Digital Signal Processing
  • Radar Networking and radar data utilisation centres
  • Complex indicated angle monopulse tracker for low elevation angle application
  • High spectral purity sources and Large dynamic range multi-channel receivers
  • Indigenous production of phase control modules
  • Slotted waveguide planner antenna design and fabrication
  • Capability for design, fabrication of avionic subsystems
  • Dip brazing of complex high precision microwave assemblies
  • Sensor systems expertise in theatre ballistic missile defence, ground based surveillance, Fire Control Radars, Portable radars, Airborne FCR, Imaging and surveillance and Naval & Coastal Surveillance radar.
  • 3D modeling structural analysis using finite element method
  • Thermal management
  • Electromagnetic compatibility at system level
  • Detection & location of anti-personnel/anti-tank mines, IEDs, munitions, UXOs, etc., buried below soil
  • Remote imaging of human targets through building walls to help detect/classify/ locate/monitor men & objects within rooms during counter terrorist action.
  • Detection of small boats at sea that are likely to be security threat, by providing 24x7 surveillance.