• Optical Fabrication (Spherical, Conic & Aspheric Surface on glass, germanium, Silicon & metal)
  • Optical Coating & Optical Materials
  • Day Vision Technology (Direct vision, Periscopic & Panoramic)
  • Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) Technology
  • Night Vision technology based on II tube and ICCD camera
  • Thermal Imaging Technology
  • Laser Technology
  • Line of sight & mass stabilization.
  • Ballistic Computation.
  • Micro-optics & Nano-photonics


  • Electro-Optical Fire Control System for armoured vehicles and naval ships.
  • Thermal Imaging based Surveillance Systems (Standalone and Platform mounted).
  • Laser Range Finders, Designators, Seekers & Proximity Sensors.
  • Holographic Sight

Gap Measuring Device Mk III

Electro-optical Fire Control System for Naval Ship

Integrated Multi-function Sight (IMFS) (HHTI With LRF)

Holographic Sight

Helmet Mounted Thermal Imaging Camera (HMTIC)

Light Weight Portable Laser Target Designator for Airforce

Commander's TI for T-90 Tank

Commander's TI (MK-II) for T-72 Tanks & BMP II

Products/Technologies for Civil Sector

  • Night vision devices for disaster management.
  • Variants of Electro-optical Surveillance System can be used by Coast Guard.
  • Adaptive Optical System can be used in line-of-sight secure laser communication & retinal imaging.
  • Helmet Mounted Thermal Imaging Camera (HMTIC) for Fire Fighting Applications.