Areas of Work

IRDE's core competence lies in the development of optical systems, such as day vision, low light level TV, thermal imaging (FLIR) & laser based instrumentation as also in the area of LOS stabilization for different applications. They are listed as under -

  • Design and development in the fields of optical, electro-optical and optronic instrumentation for surveillance, reconnaissance, piloting, navigation, guidance, target identification and acquisition, designation, ranging and counter measures under all weather conditions during day and night.
  • Design and development of complete Fire Control Systems and devices.
  • Design and development of Infra-Red Search & Track (IRST) Systems.
  • Design and development of Stand Alone Surveillance Systems.
  • Applied and background research and development in applied optics.
  • Creation and maintenance of facilities for parametric measurements, performance and environmental evaluation of optical and electro-optical components/systems
  • Transfer of technology to public and private sectors
  • Consultancy on optical and electro-optical instruments, components and materials.

Research Areas

  • Optical Design
  • Holography
  • Optical Image Processing & Photonic Target Recognition Techniques
  • Adaptive Optics
  • Integrated Optics
  • Micro-optics & Nano-photonics
  • Terahertz Sources & Imaging