Major achievements-

  • Vision devices and fire control system for Arjun Main Battle Tanks.
  • Hand held day & night vision equipments and gap measuring devices.
  • Optical detectors and sensors for missiles, rockets and laser guided bombs.
  • Electro-optical fire control systems for naval-ships.
  • Laser Target Designators.

Products/Technologies for civil sector –

  • Night vision devices for disaster management.
  • Variants of Electro-optical Fire Control System can be use for coastal guarding.
  • Adaptive Optical System can be use in line-of-sight secure laser communication & retinal imaging.
  • Photonic correlator can be used as security verification & bio-medical applications.
  • Laser Proximity Sensor (LPS) can be integrated with automobiles/ railways engines to automatically initiate brakes or alarm to prevent accidents.
  • Helmet Mounted Thermal Imaging Camera (HMTI) for Fire Fighting Applications.

Patents & Copyrights –

The following patents have been granted during 2009-10 on the inventions made:

“A Laser Fuse Device for Transmission of Signal”