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List of Open Access Journals for Biomedical Research: 2015
Union Catalogue of periodicals – DRDO Life Science laboratories
Directory of Current Periodicals in Life Science Labs/Estts of DRDO 2015

About Library

Technical Information Resource Centre (TIRC) INMAS

Technical Information Resource Centre (TIRC) at Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences (INMAS) is the backbone of the Institute as it disseminates current & specific information to all categories of users. The INMAS Library aims to provide wide and efficient library and information services to the health science (HS) professionals in INMAS and also to other DRDO Life Science Labs/Estts. The Library collects materials and provides information and research services in all areas of biomedicine and health care.

The Library has a well-balanced collection and provides user friendly services and easy access to facilities. The Library is located on the 3rd floor of the Admin building. The objective of the library is to provide its users the current information on research carried out in the areas of healthcare and other related areas. Also other resources of general and academic interest are available thus enabling the Institute to achieve excellence in scientific research and community services.

Library information centre provides health information support and caters to the needs of scientists, doctors, researchers, students and staffs in their research, and training activities results in three fold increases in number of users visiting library for reference and issue/return of documents. It committed to meet the users expectation by implementing and maintaining excellence in library systems, procedures and services through:

  1. Developing appropriate collections in various disciplines for satisfying the study needs of the diverse clientele of the library.
  2. Providing value added comprehensive information services and resolving customer needs in time.
  3. Providing reading, lending, reference, information and documentation services to all the users and collaborate linkage with national and international institutions for resource sharing of information.

It has over 26950 documents including textbooks, reference books, reports, theses, yearbooks, bound volume of journals, manual and case studies. and adds about 531 latest books and serials every year. It also subscribes to 186 current periodicals in print and electronic format. The library collection is classified according to the Universal Decimal Classification Scheme. Library is also providing regularly S&T research articles requested by scientists and researchers for their projects on inter library loan from various Institutions. INMAS library is first Delhi-based DRDO library to subscribe to 52 electronic journals. The library has also activated electronic version of print books and 48 print journals. The library is connected with DELNET, which connects it with various libraries in the Network and with all the Management institutes with AICTE affiliation. INMAS library is also a member of DRDO E-Journals Consortium hosted at DESIDOC Delhi.

The library has a unique collection of publications in various fields, such as Radiation Protection, Biotechnology, PET, CBRN Defence, Nuclear Medicine, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Non-invasive Imaging, Biomedical Engineering, Endocrinology, Toxicology, Computer Science and other general management areas.

The library work is handled with the help of Window based TLSS Software. A Windows 2000 server, connected with all terminals in the Institute handles the library catalogues, information regarding new arrivals, circulation-based inquiries and compilation of bibliographies. The software has Web OPAC features. The library has the Internet and Email facilities also.


The following Compilations are updated every year:

  1. Union Catalogue of Periodical of Life Sciences Las/Estt of DRDO: INMAS Library updated Union Catalogue annually which is a record of the holdings of 2200 titles of periodicals held in 10 DRDO life sciences libraries. This Union Catalogue is a by product of the computerized database of periodical holdings of DRDO libraries for sharing of resources.
  2. List of Current periodical subscribed by INMAS Library: The lists of print & electronic journals are distributed electronically to all users. INMAS Library has started providing access to e-journals from January 2007 which is a new service and highly appreciated by all the scientists and doctors. These journals can be accessed by username and password basis. Now DRDO scientists/users can access life sciences e-journals with high impact factor in full-text.
  3. Current Directory of Periodicals of Life Sciences Labs/Estts of DRDO: INMAS Library  regularly compiles a Directory of Current Periodicals in Life Science DRDO Labs/Estts annually which is a list of titles of periodicals available in 10 DRDO life sciences libraries.
  4. List of Open Access Journals Available in Biomedical Sciences: (over 1000 free journal titles with respective website addresses) A number of biomedical science journals and available free full text on internet. INMAS library has compiled a comprehensive list of over journals for DRDO scientists & researchers with their respective website address.

Other Library Services:

  • Acquisition services
  • Circulation services
  • Reference services
  • Online access of Electronic Journals
  • Online Public Access Catalogue
  • Inter-library loan services by Resource Sharing
  • DRONA & Internet Search facilitates.
  • CD-ROM Search Service
  • Document Supply Service
  • Current list of Life Science Periodical of DRDO Labs/Estts
  • Union Catalogue of Life Periodical of DRDO Labs/Estts.
  • Current Awareness Services.
  • Selective Dissemination of Information services.
  • Reprography services
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