Products developed / under development

  • Radioprotective and radiomitigative drugs
  • High throughput assays for quick estimation of absorbed radiation dose
  • Establishment of accredited bio-dosimetry lab.
  • Single Vial Cold Kit (Diagnomamo)
  • Vasodilator ointments for cold injury
  • ITAD therapy in cases of High Altitude Pulmonary edema and acute mountain sickness (8 products)
  • Gastric Pro kinetic drugs for instant action
  • Herbal radioprotectors against ionizing and non-ionizing radiation
  • NBC antidote formulations
  • Nano-iron with lecithin,
  • Nano-calcium with lecithin,
  • Anti-epilepsy nasal drops
  • Clove oil-neem oil chewing gum (SR)
  • Doxycycline local acting chewing gum (with chitosan)
  • Fluticasone local acting chewing gum (with chitonan)
  • HoCl products
  • Eno heavy

Technology Transfer

  • Titanium Bone Implants, Surgical Kit & other devices
  • Shudhika (Skin decontamination Kit)
  • Ciprofloxacin Cold Kit for Infection Scintigraphy: 'Diagnobact'
  • Light Weight Foldable Stretcher
  • Light weight back pack type Army field Cot.
  • Adjuvent Cancer Therapy with 2-Deoxyglucose
  • UMBRIEL-the UV Herbal Screen for high Alltitude
  • Remcon for decontamination Wipes.

Major Technologies

Mature drugs for combat casualty care and on-site trauma management during disasters


Product description, Dosage form



Chitosan based wound sealants (gel, embedded gauze, dry cake)

Bleed wound sealants, including body cavities.


InjGlycerated saline

Hypotension with bleeding, severe trauma, pul edema, brain edema


Hypochlorous acid solns
(100, 375, 500, 800 ppm)

Battle field antiseptic


Nalbuphine formulations
(nasal drop, s/l inj)

Instant pain relief on-site

Remocon for decontamination Wipes

On 18th November 2015, INAMS transferred the patented technology of 'REMOCON' Skin Wipe for radiological decontamination. Self-usable 'REMOCON' skin decontamination wipe, can be used in the mass casualty events resulting from Nuclear and Radiological Emergencies. ‘REMOCON’ wipe can be sealed back after use in the innovatively designed metal- free package. This ensures easy disposal after its usage to prevent spread of radioactive contamination.

Accidental or intentional release of toxic radiological materials may cause external contamination of skin. Lengthy and time consuming procedure for removal of the radio-contaminants from skin could results in deleterious health effects. Availability of clean water free from radio-contaminants during such scenario is another important limiting factor for effective and timely decontamination. ‘REMOCON’ wipe takes care of both these issues as it is self usable, saves precious times and reduces generation of hazardous radioactive waste.

The active constituents of ‘REMOCON’ could effectively remove most of the toxic radio-nuclides, is skin safe and have unique ability to adhere to the localized area on skin.