• Dr Kulbhushan Sharma has been awarded with the prestigious 'International EU Marie Curie Fellowship' for pursuing research at University of Oslo, Norway.
  • INMAS received First Prize in "Pusa Horticulture Show" Organised by the Delhi Agri-Horticulture society at Indian Agriculture Research Institute ,Pusa, New Delhi.

  • Titanium Trophy
    • INMAS has been awarded by DRDO as the best Life Science Lab for the year 2004
  • Chief of Naval Staff Award, 2004
    • Brig RK Marwaha, Jt Director, INMAS - for the scientific paper titled" Familial Aggregation of Autoimmune Thyroiditis in First Degree relatives of patients with Juvenile Autoimmune Thyroid Disease"
  • Chandra Kanta Dandiya Prize, 2004
    • Dr Rakesh Kumar Sharma, Sc 'F' - for his notable research publications in pharmacy during the period 2001-2003.
  • Best Research Paper Award by Indian Pharmacological Society, 2005
    • Dr Rakesh Kumar Sharma, Sc 'F' and Mr Anil Babbar - for paper entitled "Formulation of lyophilized cold kit for instant preparation of 99mTc-Glucarate and its scintigraphic evaluation in experimental models of infarction".
  • Dr. AR Gopal Iyengar Young Scientist Award 2005
    • Dr Sudhir Chandna, Sc 'E' for published scientific contribution in the fields of Insect Cell Radioresistance and Low Dose Hyper-radiosensitivity of Human Tumor Cell Lines. The award was presented by the Indian Association for Radiation Protection.
  • WFNMB Award 2006
    • Dr Rajnish Sharma Sc 'F' for Scientific paper “Role of 99mTc – Ciprofloxacin scan in detection of Bone Tuberculosis selected for WFNMB Award 2006 at World Congress of Nuclear Medicine 2006 .
  • Dr. MMS Ahuja memorial Oration in the 36th Annual Conference of the Endocrine Society of India (ESICON-2006)
    • Brig. RK Marwaha Jt Director, INMAS – for Oration in the 36th Annual Conference of the Endocrine Society of India (ESICON-2006) held at BM Birla Science and Technology Center, Jaipur during 17 to 19th Nov'2006.
  • Best Oral Presentation, 2006
    • Dr. Sanyog Jain, Sc 'B' Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung, Germany sponsored Kolleg on “Bio-Nano-Geo-Sciences: Addressing issues of concern to mankind” Palampur (H.P.)
  • Young Scientist Award, 2006
    • Miss Divya Khaitan, STA 'B' awarded Young Scientist Award for her research paper in the International Confer ence on Radiation Biology held during 20-22 Nov'2006 at Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi
  • Best radiopharmacology paper in the 38th Annual Conference of Society of Nuclear Medicine, 2006
    • Dr. AK Mishra, Sc 'F' - 1st prize for best radiopharmacology paper in the 38th Annual Conference of Society of Nuclear Medicine, India, held at Jamshedpur during 13-16 Dec'2006.
  • Best Performance Award of DRDO, 2006
    • Sh.Vinod Ambardar, TO 'D' for his excellent performance at INMAS.
  • Delhi Psychiatric Annual Conference, Mussourie, 2006
    • Dr. Subash Khushu, Sc 'F' - 1st prize for paper entitled “An exploratory fMRI study in alcoholics to compare their visuospatial symmetry judgement to healthy subjects” from 8th-10th Dec, 2006
  • 8th Annual Conference of Delhi Neurological Association, 2006
    • Dr. Subash Khushu, Sc 'F' - 1st prize for paper entitled "Role of fMRI in assessing motor function Impairments" held at Dr R. M. L. Hospital, New Delhi, Feb 2006
  • Best Poster Award, 2007
    • Sh. Raj Kumar, Sc 'C' - Best Poster Award in Veterinary, Dairy and Medical Microbiology category during 48th Annual Conference of Association of Microbiologist of India (AMI) held at Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai from 18-21 Dec.2007
  • Best Poster Presentation Award, 2008
    • Mrs Shilpi Modi, Sc 'C' got best poster titled “Effect of Visual experience on the structural organisation of the human Brain: A Voxel based Morphometric Study” in Symposium on 'Advanced MR Applications's & 14th National Magnetic Resonance Meeting held in Delhi from 16th – 19th January 2008. Dr. Ajaswrata Dutta Sc 'C' got best poster presentation award titled “Development of prophylactic formulation against lethal irradiation" in International conference on Molecular –Mechanism of Diseases” held on 15-16 Dec. 2008 at DRDE, Gwalior. Ms Sandhya tiwari, "Modifying effect of gene expression in mouse liver" International Conference in Indian Society for Radiation Biology, Jaipur 10-12th Nov. 2008. Dr. Pradeep Kumar Chugh, Sc 'F' got best presentation award in All India scientific/technical 'Rajbhasha symposium', held at Delhi on 05-06 Feb.2008.
  • Scientist of the Year Award 2008
    • Ms Manisha Bhattacharya, Sci 'B' received the Scientist of the Year Award 2008 for significant contributions in the field of fMRI, VBM and proton MRS.
  • Technology Day Oration Award 2008
    • Dr. Sudhir Chandna, Sc 'E' for development of fluorescence microscopy-based agarose embedding assays for simplified and quick analysis of cell morphology and pathophysiology, with multiple applications in basic cell biology and biomedical research.
  • Scientist of the Year Award 2009
    • Dr. Sudhir Chandna, Sc 'E' received the Scientist of the Year Award 2009 for research contributions in Insect Cell Radioresistance and Low-dose Hypersensitivity
  • DRDO Golden Jubilee Quiz 2009
    • Mr Ram Singh, STA 'C' got 3rd Prize in DRDO Golden Jubilee Quiz 2009
  • Young Investigator Award 2009
    • Dr. Divya Khaitan received young investigator award from American Association for Cancer Research to attend the International Conference on “Metabolism and Cancer” held at San-Diego, USA during September 2009.
  • DRDO Scientist of the Year Award 2009
    • Dr. Rajendra Prashad Tripathi, Sc 'H' & Director received the DRDO Scientist of the Year Award 2009.
  • Best Oral Presentation, 2010
    • Dr. Puja Panwar, Sci 'C' received Best oral presentation in Annual Conference of Society of Nuclear Medicine (SNMI) on 11th Nov. – 13th Nov. 2010. In Chandigarh