Areas of Work

Area I: Biological Radioprotection (Radiation countermeasures)
Area II: Management of Thyroid Disorders
Area III: Nuclear and Medical Imaging

Thrust Areas

  1. Development of countermeasures and Bio-dosimetry Preparedness for Radiation Emergencies
    • Development of radioprotector for minimizing radiation induced adverse health effects in humans.
    • Development of radiation countermeasures using radio-resistant bacteria against radiological emergency.
    • ¬†Repurposing of small molecule clinical compounds as radiation¬†¬† countermeasure agents.
    • Development of mitigating agent for radiation emergencies.
    • Development and Validation of Peripheral Blood Based Rapid Assays for Radiation Biodosimetry.
    • NMR metabolomics based high throughput radiation biodosimetry.
    • Networking and establishment of accredited bio-dosimetry lab for triage of radiation victims.
  2. Development of devices, technologies, strategies and approaches for mitigation of NBC/CBRN emergencies.
  3. Development of molecular imaging drugs and enhancers (DMIDE) and Applications for Armed Forces.
  4. Development of strategies for neurocognitive and endocrine functional assessment in health and disease.