Areas Of Work

High Energy Materials Research Laboratory (HEMRL) has the following main areas of work.

  • Development & evaluation of Solid Propellants for Rockets & Missiles.
  • Development & evaluation of Solid Propellants & Cartridge Case Technology for Gun Ammunition.
  • Development and evaluation of High Explosive Compositions, advanced generation of Fuel Air Explosives and Thermobaric Explosives.
  • Design & development of Pyrotechnics.
  • Development of Explosive Reactive Armor.
  • Basic and applied research on all aspects of High Energy Materials including the Synthesis, characterization & evaluation of advanced High Energy Materials.
  • Design & establishment of Pilot Plant Facilities for High Energy Materials.
  • Testing & evaluation of High Energy Materials.
  • Design, development and fabrication of wide range of instrumentation / electronic equipments for study and evaluation of High energy materials.
  • Technical assistance, guidance or consultancy services to other institutions / organizations, on matters pertaining to high energy materials, their applications and production.