Areas Of Work

  • Conceptual design and performance prediction of gas turbine engines & sub-systems to meet the aero & marine requirements.
    1. Real-time simulation for performance verification and control system design.
    2. Internal CFD of turbo machinery.
    3. Aerodynamic, Thermal & Structural Design.
    4. Vibration and Rotor Dynamic Analysis.
    5. Materials and Life Prediction.
  • Design, Development, Testing and Evaluation of :
    1. Fan and Compressor.
    2. Combustor.
    3. Turbine.
    4. Afterburner & Exhaust Nozzle.
    5. Rotor support & Internal Flow system.
    6. Accessory Drive Gear Box.
  • Digital Engine Control System:
    1. Design, Development and Testing of Control Laws.
    2. Modeling and Simulation of Electro-hydraulic Servo Systems.
    3. Design, Development, Testing & Evaluation of Hydro Mechanical Systems & Digital Electronic Controller.
    4. Hardware-in-loop Simulation and Testing.
  • Design, Development and Testing of Advanced Data Acquisition System for Engine and Components Testing.
  • Gas Turbine Engine Instrumentation.
  • Advance Manufacturing and Quality Assurance.
  • Testing to meet Certification of Engine & Sub-systems.
  • Aircraft-Engine Integration.
  • Ship-Engine Integration.
  • Development of Techniques for Fatigue Life Evaluation and Residual Life Assessment of Aero-engine Turbines.