DRL - Director's Profile

Dr Sanjai K Dwivedi, Sc 'G' has joined as Director, DRL (DRDO) Tezpur (Assam) w.e.f. 01 April 2018. He joined DRDO in the year 1996 at DIHAR,Leh (Jammu & Kashmir) and has extensively contributed in protected cultivation, characterisation, propagation and conservation of plant genetic resources of Ladakh. He established field gene bank for seabuckthorn, apricot, apple and mulberry of high altitude, cold arid zone Ladakh. His contributions on preparation, patenting and commercialisation of herbal beverage of seabukthorn (popularly known as "Leh Berry") are well known. Thereafter, he served at CEPTAM (DRDO), Delhi and he has successfully completed 7 recruitment cycles. He has also contributed in designing and coordination of DRDO Entry Tests in 25 cities across the country for centralised recruitment of DRTC & Admin Allied Cadre in DRDO.

At DIBER (DRDO), Haldwani, he was engaged in development, demonstration & transfer of agro technologies for development of border areas in the Central Himalayan zone. He successfully implemented the low cost greenhouse technology, soil less (Hydroponic) cultivation of crops, utilisation of local plant resources for defence purposes and skill/ entrepreneurship development for unemployed youth, ex-servicemen and locals in remote and border areas of Uttarakhand.

Dr SK Dwivedi has about 06 patents, 62 research publications, 05 monographs and 02 books to his credit. He is life member of 06 professional societies, Editor in Chief - Progressive Horticultural Journal and Fellow of 03 professional societies. He is also recipient of DRDO - Young Scientist Award, ICAR - FakharuddinAli Ahmed Award, ISHRD - Himadri Young Scientist Award and SAI-National Senior Scientist Award.

Name:          Dr Sanjai K. Dwivedi
Telephone: 03712 - 258508, 258836
Fax:              03712 - 258534
Reception:  03712 - 258704
Address:     Defence Research Laboratory
                     Defence R&D Organisation
                     Post Bag No. 2
                    Tezpur (Assam) - 784001
E-Mail:        director[at]drl[dot]drdo[dot]in