Citizen Charter

  1. Studies on entomological and epidemiological aspects on vector borne diseases and development of control measures
  2. Water quality testing and surveillance
  3. Monitoring of water contaminants and their removal
  4. Integrated control measures for weeds and pests
  5. Utilization of Bio-diversity of North East (NE) India for vector borne diseases and other ailments
  6. Studies on microbial bio-degradation human and agro wastes and development of appropriate and affordable technology
  7. Molecular detection technology for vector borne pathogens
  8. Plant tissue culture and phytochemistry
  9. Studies on high altitude protective cultivation
  10. Mushroom production and training facility
  11. Organic solid waste composting (including vermicomposting) for waste mitigation
  12. Application of RS and GIS for management of malaria
  13. Consultancy, training and dissemination of expertise available in the laboratory and elsewhere in the country
  14. DRL has close interaction and collaborations with following research establishments and academic institute:
    • NEHU
    • Assam University
    • Guwahati University
    • IIT Guwahati
    • Army/Airforce/ Navy/ Paramilitary force
    • Local administrative bodies etc
  15. The current MOUs are with following universities:
    • Dibrugarh University
    • Guwahati University
    • Jiwaji University