Areas of Work

Core Competence

  • Water quality monitoring in North East Region and development of technology for its improvement.
  • Development of appropriate and eco-friendly technologies for organic waste management.
  • Monitoring, detection, identification and characterization of bacterial, fungal & viral and parasitic pathogens.
  • Development of nucleic acid/protein based diagnostics assays for vector-borne diseases.
  • High Altitude horticulture including protected cultivation, mushroom cultivation and vermi-compost technology including using local plant resources for the benefit of services and the society.

Area of Work & Facilities:

  • Surveillance of water quality of North East Region of India.
  • Development of adsorbent materials for decontamination of water.
  • Development of integrated technology for removal of contaminants from water for drinking purpose.
  • Development of mobile comprehensive water purification system for defence services.
  • Biowaste management through microbial degradation (both faecal and household organic wastes).
  • Effluent water treatment and recycling for reuse.
  • Bacteriophages and their application against selected pathogens.  
  • Inoculum   generation facility for maintaining suitable bacterial consortium.
  • Surveillance, detection and characterization of pathogens of biodefence importance with special emphasis on vector-borne rickettsial, bacterial and viral pathogens prevalent in North East India.
  • Characterization and detection of phytopathogens of biodefence importance, with special emphasis on viral and fungal pathogens infecting major crops of North East India.
  • Development of field deployable nucleic acid/protein based diagnostic assays.
  • High altitude agriculture research including protected cultivation, mushroom cultivation and vermin-composting.
  • In vitro production of capsaicinoid from Capsicum assamicum
  • Training of high altitude horticulture, mushroom cultivation and vermin-composting to armed forces and civilians of Tawang and adjoining areas.
  • Collection, propagation, conservation, characterization and utilization of local plant wealth for services.
  • R& D at DRL Detachment, Salari (West Kameng district, Arunachal Pradesh) and Tawang (Arunachal Pradesh) at an altitude of 2,669 meters.
    1. Standardization of production technology for production of various vegetable crops.
    2. Standardization of nursery raising technique to increase the availability of quality nursery to the Users and local farmers.
    3. Value addition of locally available fruits & vegetables.
    4. Training and demonstration of horticulture technology and fruit & vegetable processing to the Services and local farmers/ESM.