Facilities Available


  • CAD / CAM

DRDL facilities

As the Computer Aided Design emerged in eighties, DRDL was one of the first in the country to establish an integrated CAD/CAM facility. CAD / CAM center since its inception in 1987 was providing centralised service for entire DRDL for Computer Aided Design. CAD/CAM system comprising of six servers connected over a Local Area Network (LAN). The software capabilities covers application like Wireframe, Solid and Surface modeling with Assembly, Interference checking, Mass property checking, Visu-alisation, Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM), Sheet metal, Piping, Cabling,and Detailing. The facility was complemented with analysis packages for Finite Element (FE) and for multi-body dynamic simulation. A Direct Numerical Control (DNC) link is also established between CAD/CAM and manufacturing facility.


  • Axi – Symmetric and 2D Supersonic Wind Tunnel
DRDL facilities

The Axi-symmetric Supersonic Wind Tunnel facility and two Dimensional Supersonic Wind Tunnel were commissioned in 1980. Aerodynamic Forces and moments acting on scaled down missile models are tested in these facilities.  Surface Pressure distribution, Hinge movement measurement, Performance evaluation of various subsystems such as isolated and installed air intakes were carried out.  This facility is also used for wall-mounted model testing.

  • Aero Ballistic Range (ABR)
DRDL facilities

Aero Ballistic Range - A Free flight test range where Aerodynamic parameters can be obtained without any interference were setup.  The test model along with a sabot is launched from a gun at Supersonic speeds covering an instrumented range of 100 meters.  Several cameras are located in the range take orthogonal pictures of the flying model at discrete intervals to get the required aerodynamic parameters.


  • Static Structural Test Facility

DRDL facilities

To meet the requirement of structural strength tests, a closed type rig was developed. The rig is used to test integrated missiles. A number of actuators are used to apply structural load, axial force the missile to simulate the desired bending moments as experienced by the missile during the flight. To observe the behavior of the missile during the test, extensive measurements are carried out.

  • Ground Resonance Test Facility

DRDL facilities

A facility was set-up to find Structural dynamic characteristics of integrated missile experimentally.  The facility has been upgraded into a state of the art facility with multiple shakers and software for modal testing. This facility determines the Oscillatory response of a vehicle to external forces.

  • Thermo Structural Test Facility

DRDL facilities

Thermo - Structural Tests essentially are to simulate Aerodynamic heating on ground to evaluate the performance of the missile structure as well as to ensure the thermal stability of the airframe of the missile.



  • Acoustic Emission Testing
DRDL facilities

This test facility is used for Evaluation of Structural Integrity of Pressure Vessels, Composite and Metallic structures of various missile systems.


  • Material Testing Facility

This facility DEALs with all kinds of Tensile, Compressive and Shear testing of specimens of different materials like Aluminium Alloys, Mild Steel, Low Carbon Steels, Maraging Steel, Composites, etc.



  • Horizontal Test Facility (HTF)
DRDL facilities

Horizontal Test Facility was indigenously developed to test Liquid Propulsion (L.P.) engines in horizontal mode using pneumatically operated control panel. This facility was utilized for testing various L.P. engines configuration.


  • Vertical Test Facility (VTF)
DRDL facilities

Vertical Test Facility was indigenously designed and developed to test LP engines. The control panel of this facility is electrically controlled from a remote location. This facility is used for testing the propulsion stages to prove the functional integrity.


  • Integral Rocket Ramjet Test Facility
DRDL facilities

To develop air breathing propulsion system for a flight vehicle, it is essential to have a ground test facility which can simulate the flight conditions.

An integral rocket ramjet test facility was created for design verification and performance evaluation of ramjet propulsion systems.

  • Engine Development Facility (EDF)
DRDL facilities

The Engine Development Facility performs fabrication of components such as Reaction Control System components, Nozzles, orifices and adapters for Flow calibration facility, Hydraulic, Pneumatic, seals, flanges and test components for different Missile Systems


  • Hydraulic Flow Calibration Facility
DRDL facilities

To calibrate and adjust some of the internal parameters of an LP engine, so that the engine delivers its intended performance within the allowed tolerance band.

  • Vacuum Brazing & Welding Facility
DRDL facilities

Vacuum brazing is a flux less process which involves removal of tenacious oxides, exposure of bare metal and promotes efficient wetting of the filler material resulting into an efficient joint. The Furnace is essentially consists of a heating chamber, which is evacuated to the required vacuum and maintained at that level throughout the operation.
Vacuum heat treatment promotes degassing of the components (Which are already present on their surface) and avoids contamination with other harmful gases during the whole process.

Welding Facility: Engine Development Facility of Liquid Propulsion Division has well established welding facility, intended for metal joining, cutting. etc for L.P. Engine and other auxiliary propulsion systems. The facility includes TIG welding machines and Air plasma cutting machines and portable TIG welding machines that employ non-consumable tungsten electrode with an envelope of inert shielding gas (argon, helium) to protect both the electrode and weld pool from the detrimental effects of surrounding atmospheric gases.


  • Industrial computed tomography (ICT)

DRDL facilities

Computed Tomography is a radiological imaging technique that generates an image of a thin, cross-sectional slice of a test object. DRDL has setup the facility that is the biggest facility in India for scanning large objects.

  • Micro-Focal Real-time Radiography
DRDL facilities

This is used for tight cracks and finer defects in small systems and sub systems. The facility is established for real time applications.

  • Infrared Thermography

DRDL facilities

Infrared Thermography is a non-contact and non-invasive test method that utilizes a thermal imager to detect, display, and record thermal patterns and temperature distribution across the surface of an object.

  • Magnetic Particle Testing
DRDL facilities

Magnetic Particle Testing detects the flux leakage due to the surface and sub-surface discontinuities in components made of ferromagnetic materials. It is used to detect surface & sub-surface defects in raw materials.


The simulation of the complex aero-propulsive flows requires enormous computing power and memory. To meet the increasing demand from the designer, various high performance-computing platforms have been established for generating 3-D CFD solutions for various missile configurations.
Number of PIV based cluster computer with sustained speed of 0.5 terraflop have been established in DRDL.

  • DRDL Intranet (D-Net)

Dnet is a 100 Mbps gigabit fiber optic local area network connecting all the buildings & Technology work centres. The facility is available on 24 x 7 basis. DRDO Rapid Online Network Access (DRONA) is also accessed by all the officers through this network.

With more than 40 in-house developed on-line applications and 50 knowledge portal. DRDL intranet has become a very powerful tool for Communication and Knowledge Management for more than 1600 users from DRDL and 300 users from RCI and ASL.

  • Internet Facility

A separate fully secured internet connectivity is also available in DRDL on 24x7 basis. More than 100 nodes are provided all across the lab through a 2 Mbps leased line connection