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International Recognition: Secured Grade 'A' in the 21st International Proficiency Test conducted by the OPCW. In this test 18 countries participated and only three of them secured grade 'A'. DRDE is one of the labs who secured 'A' grade. It must be noted that DRDE, Vertox Lab is the only OPCW designated lab in the country and designation is maintained since 2006.

Bio-digesters of high altitude areas, Metal biodigester, Temperature controlled biodigester, FRP biodigester and the railway bio-digesters are functioning successfully. Railway has installed 40,000 so far and planning to complete in all coaches by October 2019.

A multi insect repellent Diethyl phenyl acetamide (DEPA) in spray, cream and lotion formulations have been accepted by Defence Services for protection of soldiers from mosquitoes and other vectors. They are also available for civil use.

Woolcare, a moth proof spray developed by DRDE has been accepted by DGQA for protection of woollen garments at Ordnance Depots.

Long Lasting Insectcidal Net (LLIN) developed by DRDE for protection of armed forces from mosquito bites has been accepted by Defence Services.

A multi insect repellent DEPA spray has been accepted by Defence Services for protection of soldiers. DEPA has been formulated as a spray, cream and in the form of a sachet for Civil and Military use.

New improved versions of Autoject Injectors have been developed and performance evaluated at high altitude areas (14,000 to 18,000 feet). All animal studies for a-ketoglutarate completed and it is in the stage of Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) clearance for Phase-I clinical trial.

DRDE in collaboration with Cadila Pharma, Ahmedabad, has successfully completed thePhase-I clinical trial for Monoisoamyl dimercaptosuccinic acid (MiADMSA), a drug for chronic arsenic poisoning.

Activated spherical carbon spheres (ACS) based new generation CBRN protective permeable suit Mk-V has been indigenously developed. The suit offers an estimated saving of FE to the tune of approx. Rs. 650 Cr.

Indigenous Single tube lon Mobility Spectrometry (IMS) based hand held chemical detector (CAM) for point detection and twin tube IMS based chemical detector (Automatic Chemical Agent Detection and Alarm, ACADA) for detection and continuous monitoring of CWAs and Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICS) have been developed successfully in collaboration with M/s Larsen & Toubro Ltd. (L&T), Bangalore. User Assisted Technical Trials were completed at CME, Pune.