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Protective Clothing for High Altitude Areas

DMSRDE products

Textile based habitat & logistic stores

DMSRDE products

Survival & life support items

DMSRDE products

Nbc system

DMSRDE products


DMSRDE products


Hydraulic Fluid : PEGCOL-89

Oil OSB-4, OSB-14 & OSB-16

Coolant Fluid : DAFC 30 (DMSRDE-Anti Freeze Coolant)

Hydraulic Fluid: DAFC 60

Coolant Fluid : DAFC50

Hydraulic Fluid: OHMB (Oil Hydraulic Mineral Buffer)

Coolant Fluid : Prolene-65

Oil M3-52

Corrosion Inhibitor Fluids: ARS-70 and

Gun Recoil Fluid PES-3

Grease No. 9

Universal Recoil Fluid

Grease OKB-122-7

Calibrating Oil

Grease XG-460

Hydrophobizing Liquid

Anticorrosive grease PVK

Additive Run-in Diesel

Grease hypermetric sticks

Engine Starting-Aid Capsule

Grease Ciatum-221

Rust Converter

Grease VNIINP-282

Anti-seize compound ZX-13

Grease Ciatum 221S

Anti-seize compound ZX-28

Grease Texclade-2

Elastomeric Seals for LCA

Grease PFMS-4S

PU Conductive Sealants

Lubricating Oil: OX-320

Structure Adhesive

Although the technologies have been developed keeping in view the needs of Services by putting in extensive R&D efforts, many of them are equally useful for civil sector. Some of these technologies are:-

  • Additive Run Diesel
  • Rust Converter
  • Life Jacket
  • Moisture Resistant Corrugated Fibre Board Box
  • Glycol Based Antifreeze Coolant
  • Engine Starting Aid Capsules
  • Corrosion Inhibitor Concentrate Packs
  • Auto Rust & Scale Inhibitor (ARS-70)
  • Splint Inflatable
  • Survival Blanket
  • Jacket Windcheater
  • Trouser Windcheater
  • Gloves Glacier
  • Anti-Riot Shield
  • Anti-Riot Helmet
  • Alcogel
  • Footwear for Leprosy Patients
  • Polymer Heart Valve