Areas Of Work

(a ) DMSRDE has developed competence in following areas of work:

Polymer Science & Technology

  • Polymers: Synthesis and development of conventional and molecularly engineered application oriented advanced polymers & polymeric blends and transform them into relevant components / products (Engineering Polymer, High Temperature Polymer, conducting Polymers etc.)
  • Composite Materials: Design, development and fabrication of Fibre Reinforced Polymeric Composites with desired functions for Defence applications (Ballistic Protective, High Temperature, Structural Composites, EMI Shielding etc.)
  • Elastomers: Design, development and evaluation of New Generation Elastomers and adhesives for strategic & aerospace applications
  • Specialty Paints & Coatings: Formulation and evaluation of Paints & Coatings for Strategic Applications

Fibres Science & Technology

  • Fibres & Fabrics: Design, development of advanced fibres, fabrics and weaves with specialized properties for camouflage textile, specialty clothing & shelter for Services
  • Coatings: Design and development of specialty coatings & finishes for interactive and smart textile applications

Nanostructure Materials

  • Design, development and evaluation of carbonaceous micro- & nano- structured materials like Fullerenes, carbon nanotubes (CNTs), carbon beads, carbon molecular sieves & other carbon structures.
  • Design and development of nanotubes of other materials and magnetic metallic and inter-metallic nano-particles
  • Design and development of carbographite materials & components

Allied Materials

  • Synthesis & Characterization of Organometallic Materials & Inorganic Polymers
  • Development & Characterization of Specialty Lubricants & Greases
  • Development & Characterization of Hydraulic Fluids, Recoil fluids and Coolants

Scale up of Processes from Lab to Pilot Plant Level In The Areas Of

  • Polymers
  • Organic & Inorganic Materials

Characterization & Evaluation of

  • Polymers
  • Polymeric Composites
  • Elastomers & Adhesives
  • Fibres & Fabrics
  • Lubricants & Greases

(b ) Present Thrust Areas for the Year 2016:

Following thrust areas have been identified for the year 2016 and all these activities will be monitored by the Director on monthly basis. All concerned are advised to accord top priority and complete the activity in stipulated time.

  • Bullet Proof Jackets as per GSQR 1438 (Dr. R K Tiwari, Sc. 'F').
  • Boot Anti Mine Infantry (Dr. R K Tiwari, Sc. 'F')
  • Hydraulic Fluid for Submarine Aakankha (Dr. R K Tiwari, Sc. 'F')
  • V- Packing Ring and Collar (Dr. D N Tripathi, Sc. 'G')
  • Nanocomposite Based Rotor and Stator for NSTL Torpedoes (Dr. K Mukhopadhyay, Sc. 'F')
  • Compact Protected Memory Module for Solid State FDR (Sh. S D Khattri, Sc. 'G')
  • Poly Titano Carbo-Silane based High Temperature Paint (Dr. A. Ranjan, Sc. 'F')
  • Certification of HOTS Oil (Dr. Tandra Nandi, Sc. 'F')
  • MCS for T-90 (Dr. T C Shami, Sc. 'F')
  • MSPCE (Screen & Poncho)- (Dr. T C Shami, Sc. 'F')
  • MSCN for MBT Arjun (Dr. S M Abbas, Sc. 'F')
  • SCN for Snow Bound Area – (Sh. K K Gupta, Sc. 'E')
  • Specialty Primer (Sh Shilendra Kumar, Sc. 'F')
  • High Porosity Nanocomposite based Membrane for Water Purification (Dr. K Mukhopadhyay, Sc. 'F')