Srl. No.


Name of the equipment

Dielectric Thermal Analyzer (DETA)


For the study of dielectric properties of polymers, polymer blends, composites and other materials.



Dielectric Thermal Analyzer (DETA)


Key Specification

Can work in the temperature range -150 oC to + 200 oC and in the frequency range 20 Hz to 100 kHz

Representative output, if possible

Can provide dielectric constant, dielectric loss and loss factor (tan-δ) as a function of temperature and for varied frequencies

Indicative cost of Equipment/facility

Rs. 44 Lakhs

Year Established

Aug 2013

Person& Group/Div responsible with Contact Number

A.K. Pandey, Sc ‘F’ Polymer Science Division, Mob - 9559297578

Present Status

Working satisfactorily