Area of Work

DLRL's core competence lies in Design & Development of Electronic Warfare systems, Technologies & Components. They are listed as under:

  • Design of Electronic Warfare Systems
  • Development of hardware and software of sub systems
  • System integration and evaluation on various platforms - vehicles, ships, submarines, helicopters, aircrafts, airborne pods


  • Multi octave band antennas and radomes
  • Multi octave band Microwave/Millimeter Wave components & super components
  • Narrow band/wide band intercept receivers
  • Broad band high accuracy Direction Finding receivers
  • High power transmitters for ECM
  • Multi beam jammer transmitters
  • Frequency Memory Loops & Digital Radio Frequency Memories for jammers.


SAMYUKTA is a joint DRDO and Army integrated EW programme. This programme, which is software and integration intensive, is meant to develop an indigenous production base for futuristic integrated EW systems. It has communication & non-communication segments and the whole system is meant for mobile, tactical battlefield use. The system comprising of about 140 entities has the capabilities for surveillance, interception, monitoring, analysis, recording, location fixing and jamming of all communicatiion and radar signals (from HF to MMW band).


SANGRAHA is a joint EW Programme of DRDO and Navy. The system comprises of a family of EW suites for different Naval platforms capable of intercepting, detecting and classifying pulsed, CW, PRF agile, frequency agile and chirp radars. The systems employ modular approach facilitating deployment on a variety of platforms viz. helicopters, vehicles, small ships etc. Certain specific platforms apart from ESM also have ECM capabilities. State-of-the-art technologies like Multiple Beam Phased array jammers are employed in the system for simultaneous handling of multiple threats.


Divya Drishti is a joint SI Dte – DRDO programme, with the aim of interception, monitoring, direction finding and analysis (IMDFAS) of communication signals. The system will be installed at various locations on static and mobile stations.  All stations will be connected through a satellite communication network. The system caters to the mission of building aircraft flight profile (Mission Analysis).


Sujav is an integrated compact communication EW system, developed for various users in different configurations. It covers HF, VHF & UHF ranges and available in cluster configuration for Army use or in suite configuration for Navy’s ground as well as onboard usage. It has full capability to detect, locate & jam frequency agile communications as well as monitoring & recording of conventional signals.


The system has the capability of providing ‘Unique Identification of emitters among a class of emitters’ based on intra-pulse analysis of Radar waveforms. The system measures the frequency, phase and amplitude variations within the Radar pulse. Intra pulse analysis extracts as many parameters (features) of Radar pulses as possible with fine grain accuracy. Self-reliance in this critical area has been achieved paving the way for installation of the system in various configurations on various platforms.


It is a Communication Support Measures (CSM) system being developed for AEW&C programme. The system will have the capability to search, intercept, detect, direction finding, monitor, identification, record & analyse communication signals and can report of voice, data transmission in fixed frequency and frequency hopping modes.