Conference / Seminars

Conference / Seminar Organized By DLJ

  1. Seminar on “Multifunctional Materials for Defence Applications” 30 Jan 2012.
  2. A National Seminar entitled “Technology for Safe Drinking Water” was organized by DLJ in coordination with Indian Water Works Association during 12-13th March 2009. 80 delegates participated & 17 invited talks were delivered.
  3. A National Seminar on Materials Technologies for Camouflage & Signature Reduction (MATCAM-2009) was organized at DLJ during 16 – 18 April 2009.  The key-note address of the seminar was delivered by Prof. CNR Rao, FRS & Honorary President of JNCASR, Bangalore and more than 90 (Ninety) delegates participated which included 17 speakers from various academic and research institutes such as IIT, Bangalore; JNCASR, Bangalore; IT, BHU; IIT, Delhi; IIT, Kharagpur etc. who delivered lectures on various topics related to the seminar. The inaugural function was presided over by Dr. Dipankar Banerjee, DS & CCR&D (AMS). The panel discussion was chaired by Dr. Prahalada, DS & CCR&D(SI).
  4. 28th IARP National Conference on “Management of Nuclear & Radiological Emergencies” organized by Indian Association for Radiation Protection, from 19th – 21st Nov 2008 in associations with Defence Laboratory, Jodhpur.
  5. National Worksop on “Nuclear Defence Preparedness” at Defence Laboratory, Jodhpur from 23rd – 24th Feb 2006.
  6. National Symposium on Compact Nuclear Instrumentation and Radiation Detectors - 2005 (CNIRD-2005), conducted by Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences(BRNS), Department of Atomic Energy (DAE), from 2nd-4th Mar 2005 at Institute of Engineers (India), Jodhpur association with Defence Laboratory, Jodhpur.
  7. National Conference on “ Desalination & Water Purification for Defence & Civil Applications” from 22- 23 March, 2017 organized at Defence Laboratory, Jodhpur in collaboration with Indian Desalination Association.