About Lab


Defence Laboratory, Jodhpur (DLJ) was established in May 1959 to deal with the problems related to environmental condition in desert and their impact on desert warfare. The initial charter allotted to the laboratory was:

“Undertaking field trials on weapons and equipment which were either newly designed or developed in the country or were being manufactured indigenously with imported know-how, besides conducting basic research as applicable in the arid zone, physiological studies, Radio-wave propagation studies and solar energy.”

Subsequently, with expansion of the laboratory, the charter of duties was enriched with additional areas of R&D including Operational Research, Camouflage, Electronics & Communications, Water and Quality Management, Transportation and Navigation Systems, Weapons, Ammunitions and Stores areas of activities.

The laboratory is pursuing R&D in the strategic areas of Camouflage, Deception, Detection, Reconnaissance, Performance Evaluation and Life Estimation of Weapons & Ammunition, Clothing, Equipments and Stores under desert conditions, Integrated Water Management, Soil stabilization, and Applications of Radioisotopes in defence. The current thrust areas of the laboratory are:- 

  • Camouflage & Low Observable Technologies
  • Nuclear Radiation Management & Applications
  • Desert Environment Science & Technology

The laboratory is having a unique feature wherein it is  pursuing basic research in all the three thrust areas, converts it into technology and finally integrate with the systems that are introduced into services.