• Computerized Pilot Selection System (CPSS)

Computerized Pilot Selection System (CPSS) is a fully computerized battery consists of cognitive and psychomotor tests to assess these abilities which are essentially required for the pilot. 

  • Test for Selection of Sharp Shooters

Test battery consist computerized Cognitive and Personality tests for the selection of sharp shooters. It helps to identify the aptitude of sharp shooters in the screening level. Candidates are screened for their ability to perform in highly competitive environment conditions.

  • Air Traffic Controller Assessment System

The system consists of computerized tests to assess cognitive and non-cognitive abilities required for the task of Air Traffic Controllers. This assessment system is based on comprehensive cognitive task analysis. It is based on Item Response Theory. It has six computer adaptive tests.

  • Other Rank Trade Allocation Battery (ORTAS)

Other Rank Trade Allocation System (ORTAS) comprising thirteen test batteries, including standardized Cognitive and Psychomotor tests developed by DIPR, to facilitate in trade allocation of the soldier as per their potential aptitude.

  • Selection System for Officers and Naviks of Indian Coast Guard

The four batteries, two for Officers and two for Naviks (GD), has been developed and standardized. The battery is based upon three-stratum model of cognitive ability (Carroll, 1993).

  • Web based Military Aptitude Test

DIPR has developed an online self-assessment tool for the candidates, which will help them to know their potential to join the services. Self assessment tool comprising of three tests namely cognitive, temperament and personality was developed. Once the candidate completes the battery (s)he will be given the instant feedback regarding his/her potentially to join the Indian Armed Forces.

  • Test for screening of MARCOS

The test for screening of MARCOS was developed for screening MARCOS. In order to make it comprehensible to both the sailors and officers, who jointly undergo the training, the test items are bilingual in nature. They can be understood by trainees who have undergone the basic course. The test is specifically designed for these trainees and not for ab-initios who may not be able to understand the situations and alternatives presented therein.

  • Comprehensive Battery of Cognitive Abilities (CBCA)

Comprehensive Battery of Cognitive Abilities (CBCA) was developed to determine an individual’s competence and levels of cognitive functioning. CBCA measures a wider spectrum of cognition and is not only restricted to the measurement of reasoning as were the earlier intelligence tests. CBCA has a strong theoretical, neurological and empirical base in the PASS model of cognitive processes. The battery comprises of three levels i.e. registration, processing and higher order functioning and nine sub-tests.

  • Selection Battery for Personnel Below Officers Rank

The PBOR selection battery consisting of a cognitive test and a personality test has been developed and standardized by DIPR that would ensure efficient and effective selection of Personnel below Officers Rank. Job analysis was done to gather information on the job aspect, man aspect and job context through job analysis questionnaire. This helped in identifying OR-like qualities and psychological traits (cognitive, personality and social) required for efficient performance.

  • Army Medical Corps Trade Allocation Battery (AMC-TAB)

DIPR has developed and standardized a psychological trade allocation battery for soldier technical category of Army Medical Corps. AMC-TAB is a fully computerized battery (which includes administration, scoring and trade allocation) was developed with nine abilities in DIPR which will be useful in allocating trades to the recruits of technical category as per their aptitude, in Army Medical Corps.

  • Development of a psychological test for induction of Airmen in Indian Air Force

Test has been designed as a measure of personality. It consists of 45 situational items. Each situation is accompanied by four options from which the individual has to choose the one that, in his opinion, is the best. The present test is a group administrable paper-pencil test of personality. It is a bilingual test in which each item and the accompanying response items are given in both Hindi and English.

  • Psychological Screening Test for ITBP Personnel

The test provides a comprehensive personality profile on the personality qualities which are essentially requisite for performing commando duties and which were determined on the basis of thorough job analysis of NSG Commandos. The developed test has robust psychometric properties in terms of high reliability and criterion validity.

  • Indian Navy Entrance Test (INET)

The test has been developed and validated which would be used as pre screening tool for commissioned officers of Indian Navy.

  • Computerized Cognitive Battery for Officer Selection in Indian Coast Guard:
    Computerized Cognitive battery item bank for the selection of officers was handed over to Coast Guard Selection Board, Noida on 13 November, 2014.

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