Citizen Charter


  • To conduct research on problems pertaining to selection of officers, placement and categorization of men with a view to optimize the efficiency of the Armed Forces and to devise suitable standardized tests of intelligence, aptitude and personality.
  • To provide technical training to assessors who man the Services Selection Boards and perform selection duties.
  • To monitor and evaluate the selection systems vis-a-vis training and performance during service career.
  • To conduct research in the area of organizational behaviour like Leadership, Motivation, Morale, Attitude, Combat Stress Behaviour as well as Psychological Operations, ideological convictions of the Armed Forces.
  • To conduct research on human factors in man-machine systems and to study the effects of extreme environmental conditions on the psychological adjustment, efficiency and well being of service personnel.
  • To conduct research on manpower planning with particular emphasis on personnel policy in various organizations of Defence.


  • Screening of Pre-flight trainee officers of Indian Navy.
  • Instructor Cadre courses for NDA, IMA, OTA, AFA & AFTC.
  • Recruitment of Religious Teachers.
  • Conduct of Language Aptitude Test for Armed Forces Personnel.
  • Conduct of All India Standardization Conference.
  • Technical Inspection of SSBs/AFSBs.
  • Development of admission tests for Sainik School boys for class VI & IX.
  • Selection of Principals, Registrars and Headmasters for Sainik and Military Schools.
  • Aptitude test batteries for selection of personnel for Para-Military Forces
  • CEP course for Scientists, DRTC and Admin Allied Cadre.
  • Development of Aptitude test batteries for selection of personnel for Para- Military Forces & Military Intelligence Corps