Areas of Work


  1. Design, development and evaluation of a comprehensive personnel selection system.
  2. Construction, standardization and validation of Intelligence, Aptitude and Personality assessment tools and techniques based on psychometric principles.
  3. Training of assessors in personnel selection using the above mentioned techniques/tools.
  4. Validation and evaluation of the selection system and modification there upon.

2.    Organizational Behaviour

The research in the area of organizational behaviour involves Leadership, Motivation, Morale, Attitude, Combat Stress Behaviour as well as Psychological Operations, ideological convictions of the Armed Forces. A summary of research pursuits in this area involves:

  1. Modules for enhancement of leadership effectiveness, motivation and morale.
  2. Training modules for training academies
  3. Combat Stress and its management in field formations
  4. Leadership training


Carry out research on human factors in man-machine systems and to study the effects of extreme hostile environmental conditions on the psychological adjustment, efficiency and well being of the troops. A summary of research pursuits in this area involves:

  1. Man Machine System
  2. Pilot Selection System
  3. Aviation Psychology
  4. Environmental Psychology