Areas of Work

Core Competence

Physiological Adaptation to Environmental Stress

  • Evaluation of Acclimatization to Environmental Stress using Physiological and Biochemical indices.
  • Assessment of Nutritional Requirements in different environmental conditions.
  • Modulation of Human Performance under extreme environments.
  • Pathophysiology, prevention and treatment of High Altitude maladies.

Human Engineering for effective Man-Machine Interface

  • Physical Anthropometry, Standardization of size rolls for personal Protective Equipment and Clothing.
  • Kinesthetic and Kinematics assessment of Manual Material Handling.
  • Impact of occupational environment on Human Health and Performance.
Charter of Duties
  • To conduct research in the field of physiology, biochemistry and nutrition with a view to improve the operational efficiency of soldiers in relation to micro and macro environments.
  • To study man-machine integration with a view to obtain improved performance and better physical comforts.
  • To collaborate with other R&D Establishments engaged in developing weapons/ vehicles/clothing/armaments in evaluating the ergonomic and physiological aspects and to render consultancy services to outside agencies in the fields of physiology and biochemistry.
  • To develop technical know-how and impart necessary training in the field of applied physiology as required by the Armed Forces.
  • To develop technical manpower concerning the physiological and biochemical research of interest to the Armed Forces.

Our Strategic Themes

  • Research in the field of physiology, biochemistry and nutrition to improve the operational efficiency.
  • Man-Machine integration for physical comforts and improved performance.
  • Development of technical knowledge based and training in the field of applied physiology as required to Armed Forces.


  • High & Extreme Altitude Physiology
  • Heat, Cold & Polar Physiology
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Neurophysiology
  • Yoga & Adaptogens for Performance improvement
  • Clinical and cellular Biochemistry
  • Anthropometric Database of Indian Soldiers
  • Nutrition for Armed Forces
  • Man-Machine Interface: Ergonomics
  • Occupation Health & Toxicology
  • Herbal Intervention - Phytochemistry
  • Immunomodulation & Vaccine agents
  • Genomics & Proteomics: Molecular markers
  • Biomedical Engineering & Nanotechnolgy

Major Projects: XIIth Five year Plan

  1. High Altitude Rapid Induction and Acclimatization Strategies
    1. Strategies for Rapid Induction and Acclimatization
    2. Customization of acclimatization schedule for eastern sector
    3. Devices for monitoring & improvement of habitability at HA
    4. Scaling up of yoga in eastern and central sectors
    5. Evaluation of heavy load carriage at different altitudes

  2. Improving Combat Efficiency in High altitude
    1. Physiological and metabolic profiling of soldiers during high altitude deployment and on return to sea level.
    2. Epidemiological studies on high altitude maladies
    3. Studies on physiological and reproductive profile of women officers posted at high altitude.
    4. Validation of identified biomarkers and suitable anticoagulants against HA-induced thrombo-embolic disorders.
    5. Develop computerized cognitive counselling modules for alleviating mood swings at high altitude.

  3. Improving performance under different operational environments using suitable interventions
    1. Review of ration scales for nutritional adequacy.
    2. Physiological/nutritional/pharmacological interventions for performance promotions.
    3. Evaluation of nutraceuticals and food supplements developed by DFRL for rapid induction/acclimatization and performance enhancement.
    4. Immunological & hematological profiling of Antarctica expeditioners.
    5. Genetic architecture of acclimatized performers at high altitude


  4. Human machine Interface issues for performance improvement of Indian Soldiers under different occupational environments
    1. Evaluation and quantification of cognitive workload in multitasking environments, high density military workstation, day and night operations.
    2. SIZE INDIA Defence Personnel for Anthropometric Based Design Applications.
    3. Profiling of the physiological and cognitive demands associated with extreme military activities and identify predictors of performance.
    4. Noise Mapping of different work stations in the Armed Forces and Development of suitable protective device (Ear plug).
    5. Effect of simulated hyperbaric environment on cardiovascular, respiratory and cognitive function.
    6. Fabrication, installation and commission of new human climatic chamber and human decompression chamber for simulation studies.

    Other Projects

    1. Systemic hypertension at High Altitude
    2. Studies on effect of high altitude exposure on performance and sleep architecture during acclimatization with special reference to biochemical, physiological and molecular markers in Kyrgyz and Indian population.
    3. DNA Barcoding for Identification of Avian species striking the Indian Air Force Aircraft
    4. Development of herbal extracts as candidate vaccine molecules, adjuvants and immunomodulators against important biothreat agents.
    5. Soldiers preparedness in high mountains of NE region
    6. Soldier Assist Systems For Difficult Areas
    7. Biological effects of millimeter wave radiation
    8. Application of Nanotechnology for Improving Combat Efficiency (NANO-BIO-COMBAT) Phase - 1


    1. Acclimatization Schedule for High Altitude
    2. Tenure of Posting at High Altitude.
    3. Prevention and treatment modalities of cold injuries.
    4. Treatment of Pulmonary Edema by Nitric Oxide Therapy.
    5. Yoga packages for Armed Forces.
    6. Nutritional requirement of Armed Forces and adequacy of ration scales.
    7. High Altitude load Carriage/ BACKPACK
    8. Prevention of Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL).
    9. Ergonomic inputs for designing of work station and equipment designing.
    10. Anthropometric database of body dimensions of Indian Soldiers.
    11. Efficient Bukhari for Space Heating.
    12. Solar Snow Melter for glaciated region.
    13. Oxygen Enriched Solar heated shelter for high and extreme altitudes.
    14. Fatigue Monitoring System for patients.
    15. Man Mounted cooling device for hot desert
    16. Herbal Adjuvant.