Fatigue monitoring System for Air Force developed by DIPAS and IIT Kharagpur

  • Uses algorithm based on Eye tracking and Reaction time
  • Gives Go/No-go output for pre-flight evaluation
  • Time of testing : 3 minutes approx
  • Evaluated  on IAF pilots : 1 AMTC (21 Aircrew and round crew)  and IAM (55 IAF pilots)
  • Under going large scale trials (100 Pilots) at

Stellar Ear plug-  against impulsive noise,renders negliglible reduction upto 100dB (normal conversation)

Solar Snow Melter

  • Three prototypes fabricated and tested in lab and field conditions.
  • Successful trials were done at sea level and at Khardungla
  • Patent application (20161025266) filed for Solar Snow Melter.
  • 20 units Solar Snow Melter given to DRLTezpur lab for field trials inTawang region & 02 units Solar Snow Melter given to ITBP for field trials.

Space for Installation of 50 men solar heated oxygenated shelter finalized at Y Junction(14700ft) – Tawang

  • Installation of  Normobaric Hypoxia facility Finalised at Beng Dugi  (near Bagdogara)
  • 2 men and 6 men solar heated shelters finalised at DRL Det Tawang

Customised Yoga packages developed for HA, Air force, Navy on board ship  & submarine, health promotion,  stressful environment.

  • Yoga training imparted to more than 7000 armed force personnel.
  • Also in collaboration with SVYASA, Bangaluru , developed  yoga package for Antarctic expeditioners.

Light weight shoe with shock absorbing insole (based on ergonomic principles) designed and developed

Heavy  load carriage ensembles :
     Prototype I (90 L)  Prototype II (70 L);

Anthropometric database (Apparel design, PPE, workstation, Vehicle, Cockpit)

  • Data collected on 10,000 personnel (Delhi Cantt, Pathankot, Deharadun, Roorkee & Amritsar) by 3D laser scanner 
  • 140 parameters recorded, Report  on preparation of size roll submitted to MGO branch

Many leads have been identified which could act as diagnostic and/or therapeutic/ prophylactic markers (susceptible individuals for HAPE, thromboembolic disorder (Vitronectin and Hemopexin, Pravastatin as a natural anticoagulant,  management of sea voyage and Antarctica (Probiotics for gut microbiota)
Significance of a gaso messenger H2S in altitude acclimatization and pathologies has been scientifically proven

Nitrite Kit: A Paper based point-of-care (POC) diagnostics test kit to detect nitrite from human saliva. This kit holds a great potential to screen individuals for rapid high altitude acclimatization in an ASSURED (affordable, sensitive, specific, user-friendly, rapid and robust, equipment-free, and deliverable to end-users) manner.