Major Products for Armed Forces & Civil Sector

  1. More than 15 greenhouse designs for cold desert

  2. Organic vegetable for cold desert

  3. High altitude vegetable seed

  4. Organic fruit for cold desert

  5. High yielding Seabuckthorn

  6. High altitude medicinal plants

  7. Survival garden

  8. Seabuckthorn-based neutraceuticals (Seabuckthorn beverage, Seapricot beverage, Seabuckthorn seed oil capsule, antioxidant supplement, herbal tea, performance enhancing capsule, animal feed additive)


  10. Joint care gel, UV protection cream

  11. Pack animal for high altitude

  12. High altitude adapted cattle

  13. Regionally suited fast growing sheep and goat

  14. High altitude adapted chicken

  15. Normobaric hatching technology

Major Technologies

  • Greenhouse technology for cold desert
  • Organic vegetable production technology for cold desert
  • High altitude seed production technology
  • Micro-farming for remote locations

  • Organic fruit production technology for cold desert

  • Zero energy fruit and vegetable storage technology
  • Post harvest technology for fruits and vegetables
  • Vegetable seed production technology
  • Water conservation
  • Enhancing crop production technology
  • Production technology of high altitude medicinal plants
  • Rearing of large and small animals in cold desert conditions
  • Normobaric hatching technology

Services available

  • Training, demonstration and consultation to local farmers on modern agro-animal techniques suitable for the region.

  • Providing consultancy to Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council, State agriculture, Horticulture & Animal Husbandry departments in formulating agriculture policies beneficial for socio-economic development of Ladakh.  

  • Providing consultancy to Seabuckthorn cluster development (GOI) in Ladakh and commercial cultivation of medicinal plants.

  • Providing consultancy to progressive farmers for feed formulation, livestock health managements, and poultry rearing.
  • Developing and providing database on high altitude cold desert agro-animal technologies.