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Vegetable varieties and hybrids Capsicum Hybrid DARL-202 Cucumber Hybrid DARL-101(Raksha Uphar) Cucumber Hybrid DARL-102 Tomato Hybrid DARL-304 Garlic Var. DARL-52 Pea DARL-401
Transgenic development Pedigree lines and non recurrent parents in Tomato, capsicum, cucumber, bitter gourd etc.
Transgenic lines in vegetable crops having osmotin, mtlD, cbf1 & cry 1 Ac genes in T0 to T5.
Genes :
a. complete: osmotin, mtlD, cbf1, cbf3, cry1Ac
b. partial : GPAT and DREB Promoters: Napin, Rd29A, CaMV35S, Ubiquitin
Selectable marker: nptII
Reporter : GUS
Biodiesel and byproducts Biodiesel from Jatropha seed, Protein rich cake, Glycerin, Bio-fertilizers, Bio-pesticides, Bio-gas
Medicinal and aromatic plants A herbal garden at Pithoragarh, Auli, Harsil and Raiwala consisted of about 140 different medicinal and aromatic plants.
Herbal products Anti-leucoderma ointment and oral formulation Anti-eczema ointment Anti-toothache Cold and anti-sunburn cream Herbal health drink Herbal honey Hridyamrit Namkeen herbal tea
Mushroom spawn Agaricus bisporus, Pleurotus ostreatus
Seeds, cuttings, rooted slips of fodder species Seeds, cuttings, rooted slips of seasonal and perennial fodder species.
Germplasm of vegetable crops Bottlegourd, bittergourd, pumpkin, ridgegourd, spongegourd, cucumber, squash, okra, onion, garlic, rajmash, frenchbean, colocasia, ginger, chilli, capsicum, tomato, brinjal, methi, coriander, amaranthus, lahi, chamsoor.
Earthworms for vermi-composting Eisenia foetida Amynthas morrisi
Green house technology Early nursery, off -season vegetable cultivation, quality seed production.
Fish seed Fingerlings of Common carp, Grass carp, Silver carp, Golden carp.
Angora rabbits Sire and dam lines of German Angora and Grey Coat Angora rabbits.

Launching of Anti-leucoderma Herbal Product (LUKOSKIN) in the market

Launching of LUKOSKIN at DRDO Bhawan, New Delhi

Anti-leucoderma Herbal Product (Lukoskin) developed by the institute has been launched by Dr. W. Selvamurthy, Distinguished Scientist & Chief Controller Research & Development (Life Science & International Cooperation) on 7th Sept. 2011 at DRDO Bhawan, New Delhi. The product will be a boon for Leucoderma patients. This herbal product will be available in the form of ointment and oral liquid. The commercial scale manufacturing of this herbal product is being carried out by AIMIL Pharmaceuticals (India) Ltd., New Delhi.

The product was launched by Dr. W Selvamurthy in the presence of Dr. Narender Kumar, Dr. Zakwan Ahmed, Dr. G Ilavazhagan, Mr. KK Sharma, Managing Director, AIMIL Pharmaceuticals and senior officials of DRDO and AIMIL Pharmaceuticals.

According to company sources the sale of Lukoskin is 1.15 crores in last four months. This sale will generate Rs. 3.43 Lakh royalty to DRDO.

Development of performance enhancing nutraceuticals from Cordyceps sinensis and Ganoderma lucidum, high medicinal value mushrooms

DIBER DRDO DIBER DRDO Performance enhancer:A high value medicinal mushroom Cordyceps sinensis that naturally grows at a height of 13000-14000 ft altitude was successfully cultured in vitro conditions. The technology i.e. in vitro protocol of Cordyceps sinensis was transferred to Biotech International Ltd, New Delhi in 2009. Two new species of Cordyceps militaris from Munsyari area of Kumaon region have been identified and registered in Fungal data base (Administered by the International Mycological Association).


Green House Technology For Off Season Vegtable Cultivation


Greenhouse technology developed by DIBER for cultivation of vegetables is useful in protection of vegetables mainly from adverse environmental conditions viz., temperature, hail storm, scorching sun, heavy rains and snow. Under the green house condition, desired environment can be created for vegetable production by using different types of structures. These structures can be modified as per climatic conditions of the area for growing vegetable crops and to get higher yield per unit area per unit time. The technology has been successfully demonstrated in Kargil.

Service To Society

DRDO NPT GM qPCR Detect Kit and Easydetect NPT GM qPCR Kit

These are broad range diagnostic kits for validation/confirmation of transgenic plants. The kit is based on real time PCR, and is highly accurate, sensitive, reproducible and easy to implement. The kits are likely to find its applications in agriculture from the level of seed storage to post harvest steps.


Salient Features

  • High detection sensitivity
  • High accuracy
  • Higher levels of reproducibility
  • Rapid assay, completes in less than 1 hr
  • Portability of assay on different instruments
  • Easily adaptable in scantily equipped laboratories

Propspective Users

  • R&D laboratories
  • Forensic Labs
  • Regulatory authorities and enforcement agencies
  • Food laboratories

Current Status-Patent applied