Areas of Work

  • To study the various aspects of Food Science and Technology such as development of convenience foods, preservation of foods, nutritional and biochemical evaluation, food safety, food packaging etc
  • To serve as the main establishment in the Food, Agriculture and Biological Sciences and provide support to the other establishments in the group
  • To conduct toxicological studies on items of importance to Defence Services
  • To study spoilage of food and safety of processed foods
  • To undertake work on consulting, training and dissemination of information as permitted in the area of activity
  • To produce and supply processed foods developed by DFRL on a limited scale to the Services and other agencies for critical missions
  • Formulation and execution of scientific programs of research and development in the field of Food Science and Technology
  • Specialized training course for officers of the three Services in the field of Food Science and Technology
  • Any other activity assigned to and accepted by the DRDO through understanding or arrangements with any other Ministry, Department, and the Agency of the Govt. of India, whose activities have a bearing on the Scientific and Technological aspects of the laboratory
  • Provide spin-off of the DFRL developed technologies to civilian use
  • Rendering advice to the three Service and Inter-service organizations on all scientific aspects of Food Technology

DFRL is also engaged in the development and evaluation of food products, packaging materials and field test kits to meet the requirements of Service Forces. To fulfil this mandate, the laboratory is closely working with academic institutions, R&D centres and other Govt agencies.