DEBEL regularly observes the following events by organizing invitees' talks/ lectures/ exhibitions/ competitions/ cultural events, in every calendar year.

S. No Title Date
1. DRDO Day January01
2. DEBEL Foundation Day June 17
3. National Science Day February 28
4. International Women's Day March 08
5. Hindi Fortnight September
6. DRDO Day January01
7. Kannada Rajyotsava November 01

In addition, DEBEL regularly conducts Continuing Education Programmes (CEPs), in the areas/domains of its expertise.

S. No. Title of Course Date(s) conducted
1. Advances in Life Support Technologies for Armed Forces 19 to 23 Sep 2011
2. Advances in Biomedical Sensors and Instrumentation for Defence Application 5 to 9 November 2012
3. Biodefence Technologies 26-30 August 2013
4. User Interactive Workshop 'In Service of Protecting the Protectors' 9 March 2013
5. Underwater Soldier Support Technologies 10 to 14 November 2014
6. Sensor Technologies for Defence Application 7 to 11 September 2015
7. User Interactive Workshop 'In Service of Protecting the Protectors' 9 March 2013
8. Advanced Networking and IT Infrastructure 7 - 9 Sep 2016
9. Nanotechnology for Life Sciences 28 Aug - 1 Sep 2017
10. Material Management Policies, Guidelines and e-ProcurementG 06 Sep - 08 Sep 2017


  1. A targeted training programme on 'Nano-fibre production technology and applications' was conducted at DEBEL from 21st to 25th Jan 2013. The course was organized with a view to expose the participants to the advances in Nano Fibre production technology and applications with special reference to Defence application. The programme was conducted by Technical University of Liberec, Czech Republic, one of the pioneer institutions in the field of Nano fibers. This Targeted training programme provided a platform for the scientists of DRDO to interact with the professors of TUL and obtain knowledge about the subject advancements, and various aspects related to Nano technology. The course syllabus covered a wide range of topics related to nano-technology, nano-fibre production and applications, nano-composites, aerogels besides an over view of the research activities of TUL, Czech Republic.
  2. A targeted training programme on ‘Simulation and analysis of Exoskeleton worn Human Musculoskeletal System using AnyBody Modeling System’ was conducted at TTC Bangalore from 12th to 16th June 2017. The purpose of conducting this training programme was to get specialized hands-on training on a simulation platform viz., ‘AnyBody Modeling System’, for carrying out simulation studies on lower limb exoskeleton system. This training provided detailed insight on performance of human musculoskeletal system during stationary as well as human motion which is beneficial in the design and development of upper and lower limb assistive devices (wearable exoskeleton system). The training program mainly focused on:
    • Simulating Human Joint and muscle Biomechanics for analyzing the kinematic and kinetic parameters.
    • Analyzing the impact on the musculoskeletal system during human’s interaction with external device/environment that involves analysis of individual muscle forces or the micro-motion forces, and moments in a natural joint or an exoskeleton joint.
    • Developing a human exoskeleton interaction environment and defining actuator forces for analyzing the performance of Exoskeleton.
    • The course syllabus covered the fundamental concepts of applied mechanics and inverse dynamics which were crucial to simulate the impact of external forces on human body; specifically the muscles. Training involved hands on session for all the participants to understand the software programming script.


Training courses on Protective Equipment & Flying Clothing for IAF Logistics Officers are conducted from time to time.