Areas of Work

The areas of work include (but not limited to) the following:

  • Aeromedical Engineering
    1. Integrated Life Support System for the Air Force Combatants
    2. Helicopter Oxygen System
    3. Combat Free Fall Oxygen System
    4. Light Weight Integrated Helmet
    5. Common Helmet – Mask for Aircrew
    6. Bone Conduction Headset
    7. Ground Troops Communication Helmet (GTCH)
  • Biomedical Engineering
    1. Portable Telemedicine System
    2. Portable Handheld Vital Parameter Monitor
  • NBC Protection
    1. NBC Respiratory Mask
    2. NBC Single Outlet Resuscitator (Pneumatic and Electronic)
    3. NBC Multi Outlet Resuscitator
    4. NBC Integrated Hood Mask
    5. Manual Resuscitator
  • Protective Equipment and Flying Clothing
    1. Flame Retardant Overalls
    2. Flame Retardant Aircrew Survival Jacket
    3. Flame Retardant Anti G Suit
    4. Flame Retardant Auto Inflatable Life Jacket
    5. Flame Retardant Gloves
    6. Advanced Micro Climatic Conditioning System
    7. Cold Weather Clothing, like:
      1. Electrically Heated Gloves with Active Heating Elements
      2. Heated Shoe Insoles
      3. Upgraded Cold Weather Suit and Thermal Wear
    8. One Man HAPO Chamber
  • Underwater Systems, viz
    1. Submarine Escape Set
  • Test Facilities to test many of the items mentioned above

Core Competence

  • Design, development and evaluation of the Life Support Systems for Indian Armed Forces
  • Development of Biomedical instrumentation and devices

Charter of Duties

The Laboratory has been set up for undertaking research and development in the area of Bioengineering and Electro medical Equipment on the following broad guidelines:-

  • To conduct design and development work in accordance with the Services’ requirements and ensure availability of prototype equipment
  • To educate and assist industries in the fabrication of reliable prototype equipment and subsequent productionization
  • To lay down specification and maintenance instructions in respect of the   equipment developed for the Services
  • To render such other technical advice to the Services as may be required in the field of the Laboratory’s specialization and conduct Training Courses.